My Most Expensive Full Face Challenge

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be doing the my most expensive full face challenge inspired by Emmie’s Beauty Life. I have a mix of high end, drugstore and minis in my makeup collection so I don’t really think mine will be over $300, but let’s find out!


I don’t always use a primer, mainly because when I wear makeup during the day I will have my sunscreen as my primer and I try to avoid too much layering to prevent pilling. This primer claims to brighten, but honestly I don’t see much of a difference.

I purchased this a few months ago and I panned most of the palette quite quickly. I love the convenience of this palette because it also has setting powders and a big mirror. I’ve recommended this before on my Instagram and in one of my monthly favourites – such a great product!

I purchased this earlier in the year and I loved it, but now my shade is too dark for me so I alternate between a few foundations, but honestly I find it so hard to find the perfect foundation match but that’s not going to discourage me from trying haha.

  • Setting powder – Too Faced Mattifying Loose Setting Powder Translucent ($50)

The best setting powder I’ve ever used, another product I can’t recommend enough. Sets my makeup for so long, really fine powder, smells amazing and secure packaging. Plus you get a whole lot of product so it’s so worth the money.

Base total: $205.95

Wow, maybe I was wrong and I will surpass $300. Let’s keep going!


I bought this during a Priceline sale so I didn’t exactly pay RRP for it. It’s alright, not the best brow product I’ve used to be honest. It’s a triangular, mechanical pencil with a spoolie on the other end. I found that it does apply a bit too harshly, especially when I am trying to apply as little as possible towards the front of my brow, it just comes off too harsh in my opinion and I have to use the spoolie to just brush and brush it out.

At first I didn’t like the colours in this palette but over time they grew on me. It’s great for smokey eyes, or subtle eyeshadow looks. I have the Beige one, but they also have a Rose version.

I love this mascara because it has a small wand which makes it easy for me to apply to the bottom lashes. I bought this when it was on clearance and it’s probably my third (?) favourite mascara I’ve used so far.

  • Eyeliner – Mecca Max Wink Ink Liquid Eyeliner ($20)

This one is discontinued now and they’ve brought out a new version of it. I definitely prefer this one over the new one because this one is double-ended – it has a thin side and a thicker and flat side. I can easily draw the outline of the wing and then fill it in with the thick, flat side.

Eyes total: $89.90

I’m not really one to buy high end when it comes to eye makeup. I usually just go with what works and most of the time the more affordable options are just as good as the high end!


I’m still getting the hang of bronzing and sometimes I do it, but most days I don’t. I pretty much just use it when I’m going out for special occasions.

I have a mini in 3.5g, whereas the full size is 4.8g so it comes to about $33.55 in value. I didn’t like this blush at first but I’ve come to enjoy how it looks on the skin! It gives a nice flush of colour and some shine to your cheeks – all whilst remaining quite natural.

Ever since I dropped my favourite highlighter nothing can beat it. So in the mean time I got my hands on this NYX palette and have been using one of the shades as highlighter. I feel most of the shades could be used as eyeshadow. Personally I wouldn’t use the purple or pink based shades as highlighters, they’re just too much for everyday. I can see people using it for festivals and the like but yeah, not really for everyday use in my opinion.

Cheek total: $88.25

Under $100, not too bad!


I love this lip liner, seriously, everyone needs a nude lip liner – such a game changer and I can’t recommend them enough.

I thought this was $30, but on the Sephora website it’s $28, maybe I just have a wonky memory haha. This is one of my favourite lipsticks as well, such a nice colour and suits so many different makeup looks. Since all the controversy with KVD in the past couple of years I no longer support her. I still have products that were gifted by friends so I will try to use them up, but I won’t be purchasing her products anymore.

Lips total: $50.95

And the total is…


Which actually isn’t too bad because I just think my base products are the most expensive. As for the rest of my makeup, it’s usually pretty affordable. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether something is high end or affordable, if it works then it works!

Have you done this challenge before? Link me the post – I’d love to read it!

That’s all for this week, new blog post will be up next week!

With love,


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