Save or Splurge: Reusable Makeup Removers

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new blog post, today I’ll be comparing reusable makeup removers. The save is the Tribe Makeup Removal Mitt and the splurge is the renowned Face Halo. I got the Tribe one from an order a while ago and I got the Face Halo Pro as gratis. I’ve linked the Face Halo Original as I can’t find a single pack Pro anywhere and I just wanted the price for reference.

Now let’s get to it!

Tribe Makeup Removal Mitt:

The good:

  • Affordable – at $8 each you can’t beat it.
  • Good size – it’s larger than the Face Halo
  • Has a hanger – easy to hang up after shower
  • Can see if it’s dirty or clean – because it’s white
  • Easy to use
  • A littleee softer than the Face Halo
  • Reusable

The bad:

  • Not a criticism of the usefulness of the product but as this (well both) remover requires you to ‘wipe’ your face, I feel like all the tugging isn’t good for the skin in the long term


I got the Tribe one before the Face Halo and before even trying the Face Halo I was amazed at how I was able to clean my face without using any extra cleanser! I think this is a great product because it can be reused as well. Make sure you let it dry in the sun as well or else it will end up smelling a bit. As mentioned above I am happy with the size of this, it’s just a little smaller than the circumference of my hand which is perfect. Given the price, it is so affordable as well, think about all the money you’ll save because you won’t need to repurchase disposable wipes.

Face Halo Pro:

The good:

  • Just an overall positive that it comes in two colours – black and white.
  • The possibility of purchasing in a three pack makes it quite convenient to always have one on hand.
  • Comes with hanger – just like the Tribe one.
  • Effective at removing makeup or wash off masks.
  • Convenient to purchase – available at Priceline/in-store.

The bad:

  • Smaller than expected – this is smaller than the Tribe one which surprised me at first. However there is a positive to come out of that because it makes it a tiny bit easier to take when travelling.
  • A little pricier than Tribe – the single as linked above costs $13, whereas Tribe retails for $8. Given the price of the single, it seems more cost effective to purchase the 3 pack of Face Halos.
  • A criticism of the Pro – you can’t really see how dirty your Face Halo is because it’s black. Sometimes I think it’s clean because there’s no visible dirt on it, but after squeezing out the water, I can see it’s still pretty dirty.
  • Once again the issue of tugging at your skin.


This is also a pretty good product and I think the Face Halo has really revolutionised the makeup removal process. I know there have been things like the Makeup Eraser and makeup removing cloths, but I think the Face Halo is a little different just because of the shape and the material used – not to mention the little hanger haha!

So would I save or would I splurge?

I think I’m going to save on this one and say Tribe is the winner.

As I own both, I alternate between them when the other is dirty/drying, so I have had my fair share of using both. As you can probably tell, Tribe was going to win from the get go given all the positives and lack of negatives. However, I’d like to mention that I think both products are great. They help you save money, save waste and as a result reduce the amount of landfill produced from makeup wipes. TBH, I was never really a fan of makeup wipes, I just didn’t feel clean from them – yes I’m aware they weren’t meant to be a full cleanse anyways, but I remember I’d purchase them in highschool (back when I wore no makeup) and used them when I came home from events, such as formal. On a side note, I prefer oil cleansers or balm cleansers and do a double cleanse to remove makeup, but that’s just me!

As I was saying, even though I would save on this occasion, I do recommend both of these products because of the reasons I stated above. If you’re one that hates splashing water on your face to wash it or to remove a wash off mask, both of these are soo convenient for wiping off your mask and then you can flip it and use the clean side to finish ‘washing’ your face!

Now that you’ve heard enough from me, I would like to know what you think! Have you tried these products/something similar, which do you prefer? Let me know down below!

New post next week, have a great week everyone 🙂

With love,

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