Clean & Pure: The Fastest Growing Lip Balm Brand in Australia*

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be showing you these lip balms I got from Clean and Pure*, an Australian skincare brand that has become the fastest growing lip balm brand in Australia! At the moment they have an awesome range of lip balms on offer and some soap bars, but they have a bunch of new skincare coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that! You can keep up to date with their new releases here and learn more about the brand here.

I am an avid user of lip balm, I have one everywhere and it’s so satisfying when I finish a tube and when I open a new one! I’m a big fan of the tube ones – ones that you can easily dispense and apply to your lips directly. I’m not too fond of the pot/tub ones because I’m kind of a germaphobe haha and I’d hate to keep putting my finger in the tub when I’m out and about so I really appreciate the design of these lip balms as well!

I know so many people are skeptical of lip balms because they feel like they need to keep reapplying it but personally I can’t live without it – mainly because I can’t stand dry lips haha, it irks me so much. Lip balm also acts as a base for your lip products, it’s great for priming your lips before you apply any lipstick or lip gloss. Not to mention with seasonal and environmental changes, it shows on your lips through the dryness and chapping.

So why should we use a lip balm?

  • It protects you from the environment

Like I mentioned above, with environmental changes it does take a toll on your lips. I know when I go travelling to colder climates as well, my lips do get a bit dry and lip balms are definitely a travel essential for me.

Ingredients with collagen or antioxidants also help to reverse the free radical damage that can occur from UV damage.

  • Promoting faster skin healing

According to dermatologists, the skin heals faster when it’s moist. Lip balms can help to seal the cracks that may be visible on chapped lips. This also helps prevent infection and any further irritations.

  • Better lipstick application

No one likes when their lipstick seeps into the cracks of their lips – a lip balm can help prevent this from happening because it gives your lips a smoother base. There’s nothing better than a flawless lip finish!

The Clean & Pure brand was founded by husband and wife, Mark and Melanie Chapman, and they only use up to 6 ingredients in their range of lip balms. They are all made from natural beeswax, vitamin e, extra virgin olive oil and the flavouring of each lip balm. Clean & Pure are the only brand in the world to use Manuka beeswax in their products, and have perfected their formula which allows water-based honey to merge with oil and wax, resulting in a solid form.

Clean & Pure lip balms are:

  • Safe for the whole family
  • Safe for all skin types – including sensitive
  • Simple, natural and effective
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Made with no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS
  • Great for preventing dry and cracked lips
  • Not tested on animals

The lip balms come in a range of flavours:

Pictured: Coconut and Tinted Rose

First impressions:

The outside packaging is very cute and neat, I hate when there’s lots of writing and stuff on the packaging which takes attention away from the focus. The packaging has all the essentials on it and some cute graphics such as a little kangaroo, outline of Australia and some leaves. Something I also appreciate is the manufacturing and expiration date on the bottom. The lip balms expire after 3 years (12 months once opened). I also like the pictures they used on the front to showcase the flavour, overall their outside packaging is simple but effective.

However, I was a bit confused about the packaging of the lip balm at first – it was more oval-like, than round shaped which I’m used to. Then I realised this is actually so smart because you apply the lip balm horizontally and it covers the surface of your lips perfectly.

The lip balms retail for $4.99AUD each (the tinted one retails for $5.99AUD), which is a bit more than what I’m used to paying for a lip balm but I understand that this money goes towards ensuring that Clean & Pure only use the best and natural ingredients in creating these lip balms.

The sleek packaging of the lip balms

What I like:

  • Packaging

I was really impressed by it as you can see from above.

  • Not overly scented

I’ve tried some lip balms in the past and I wasn’t very fond of the ones that had a very strong smell. These lip balms have a slight fragrance to it and doesn’t smell ‘fake’? I used to use this ‘pomegranate’ lip balm and it straight up smelt like lollies. At first I enjoyed it, but after using it more and more, I found that the scent was so strong that when I applied it to my lips and proceeded to eat food, I would just end up tasting the lip balm which wasn’t a pleasant experience. Needless to say, I binned that lip balm.

  • Good range of flavours

I don’t see many lip balms with these kinds of flavours so it was refreshing to try something new. Some of the lip balms in the past had an enticing flavour, but once you applied it, it was basically all I could taste.

  • Not coloured (except for the tinted rose flavour)

I like that they’re all the same colour (with one exception). Personally I try to avoid very coloured lip balms, I’d rather ones that don’t have any colour to it. Sometimes when buying lip balms, it can be a bit of gamble because they are coloured and that colour would come off if you rubbed your lips and therefore you’re rubbing off your lip balms. However, these ones apply transparently which I love!

  • Natural/Australian/not tested on animals

I’ll be honest, I don’t always opt for natural beauty products, Australian beauty products or even products that aren’t tested on animals. Having these claims on the back has actually really made me think about being a more ethical consumer. Whilst I may not go for these kinds of products from now on, I know I’ll be giving a bit more thought into my purchases whenever I buy next.

What I didn’t like:

  • Nothing

Honestly I liked everything about these lip balms, they ticked all the boxes.

Overall thoughts:

When I first read about these I thought to myself how perfect they sound to me – and I wasn’t wrong! Everything about them is so thought out, simple and effective. They have such a nice range of flavours as well and my favourite so far is the manuka honey one.

I would love to see a raspberry flavoured one! Or even lychee, just something a bit more fruity. Overall, very impressed and highly recommend them.

They do shipping for $1 with all orders under 70g which means you can try all their lip balms and only pay $1 for shipping (Australia wide).

That’s it for this week’s post, I hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing lip balms. If you’re interested in purchasing any or learning more about the products/brand, I have linked everything accordingly above. A new post will be up next week – an interview (finally, I know!). I would love to know your favourite lip balms, let me know below!

Have a great week!

With love,

*These products are gifted and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. I am not being paid in any way to talk about these products.

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