The Natural Beat

Hello everyone!

I have a bunch of new blog posts ready for this month that I can’t wait to share with you all. My unplanned July hiatus was due to working too much and not having enough time to study and rest which is why I didn’t put up anything for two weeks. I’m finally getting closer to the finish line and I have an exam next week so fingers crossed for me!

I keep refining my makeup routine, mainly due to the time I have in the morning and with what I’m about to show you today, it really cuts down time spent on your makeup and there’s less room for error – don’t you hate when you mess up your eyeliner and you’re about to head out, ugh it’s the worst. There’s no eyeliner in today’s routine so keep reading to find out more about my “natural beat”.

As I work in a cosmetic job, often I’m required to wear makeup. When there are certain events on, I’m encouraged to wear a full beat. When I first started this job, I didn’t wear a full face – only brows and liner, just because. As time went by I started wearing more makeup which led me to purchasing my first ever foundation earlier this year. I have some redness on my cheeks and around my nose so I like to cover it up when I’m out. As I work long hours (9 hours with a very short break), I would rather spend that time in the morning in bed, than giving myself a full beat. I’ve been wearing this makeup for about 2 months now and I always get compliments on my foundation or how nice I look with “natural” makeup. I suppose you could call this like a no makeup makeup routine, but it’s a little bit above that because I look totally different when I have my natural beat on, vs. no makeup makeup haha.

That being said, let’s get into it!

Me being silly, I always forget to include my brow products in the photo.

The key to the natural beat

I always do my skincare routine but I have left it out of this just because I wanted to focus on my makeup. However, if you must know, I cleanse with water, toner, eye cream, ampoule, then moisturiser.

Please note the alternatives selected are based on personal experience or word of mouth, they are NOT meant to be exact dupes for the original products.

Now let the magic begin…

Sunsense Moisturising Face for face and neck SPF 50+*

I received this sunscreen from an event from Sunsense a while back. It’s my everyday sunscreen and I love how lightweight it is, there’s no white cast and it’s high protection. My makeup doesn’t pill on top of this either, it applies like a dream. I don’t use primers because I don’t think they’re necessary but I guess this sort of acts like a primer… Don’t forget to put some on your neck and ears!

Some great alternatives:

Clean and Pure Lip Balm in Manuka Honey*

Great little lip balm to nourish and prep your lips! I can’t live without lip balm and this one comes in 5 other flavours. Click here to read my review.

Some great alternatives:

Loreal Brow Artist Xpert

An easy to use eyebrow pencil that fills in the gaps. I like to outline my brow then fill it in and use a spoolie to brush it out. It’s ok if it looks messy, you can keep it that way for a more ‘natural’ effect, or you can carve it out later with some concealer.

Some great alternatives:

Stila Correct and Perfect Palette

I bought this a few months ago and I have panned it like crazy. What I love about this palette is that it has a bit of everything! It has 5 correctors and 2 powders. It saves me having to get out my other setting powders, when I can just sweep my brush in these and set my face that easy. Plus it has a mirror! Can’t recommend this enough guys! I use the peach/orange one for my dark under eyes, green for redness, pink to brighten and yellow to cover pigmentation/dark spots.

Some great alternatives:

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

I love this foundation, so cheap and easily accessible. Great shade range and great coverage as well. This foundation looks like my skin and looks great for photography as well. Super fast and easy to use as you just swipe across your face and blend it out.

Some great alternatives:

Nars Orgasm Blush

Used to dislike this at first but over time it has really grown on me! I love how natural looking this is and how it gives me a light flush. It also looks great in photos because of the shimmer!

Some great alternatives:

NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

Wasn’t a fan of this at first either, but I’ve come to love it! I just use the last highlighter as my go-to since my favourite highlighter broke 😦 The other highlighters I don’t use a lot because they just don’t suit the kind of makeup I do.

Some great alternatives:

Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Nude

This is my best kept secret until now! I used to wear lip liners and think ‘oh they’re meh’ and stopped wearing them but I’m telling you this is a total game changer! This is the perfect nude lip liner and I love that it’s mechanical as well. There’s a built in sharpener too – which I didn’t discover until a few weeks earlier. I can’t believe all these years, I overlooked nude lipliners. Keep reading to find out my key to a juicy, natural lip!

Some great alternatives:

Peripera Ink Velvet in #014*

I got this from Daisy Glo, a company I collaborated with a while back and at first I wasn’t expecting the colour to appear so orange, but over time I mastered the perfect colour – not too orange, but not too red.

Now for my secret to achieving the perfect lip!

So basically I line my lips with the liner, just around the lips. I then go in with my Peripera Ink Velvet and stay ‘inside’ the lip liner. I put my lips together to just kind of roughly smooth out and merge the liner and colours together. I then blot my lips with a tissue – I just put a tissue between my lips and just get rid of that wet lacquer. And there you go! Perfect looking lips with just two products.

And that’s it! That’s my natural beat for work, uni, whenever I’m feeling lazy but still want to look a bit more put together haha. Some additional steps you may use could be some mascara or eyeliner just to bring some attention to the eyes, setting sprays if you’re a fan of those just set your face at the end and that’s it really. Because I’m aiming for a more ‘natural’ look, I don’t really go for the eyeshadow or contour and all that. Just plain and simple!

I’d love to know what’s apart of your natural beat, or if you try my lip liner hack let me know! I know I probably didn’t invent that, but the use of a nude lip liner is such a game changer! I receive so many compliments from people and they ask me if I did anything to my lips, and I just say it’s all in the lip liner!

That’s it for this weeks post guys! Hope you enjoyed learning about my natural beat and don’t forget to let me know what’s in your natural beat! New post next week as always and have a great week!

With love,

*These products were PR samples.

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