Haul – Part 1

I bought a lot of things last month and due to delay in blogging due to exams, I’ve finally had some time to put this blog post together.

If you saw my story from last month, you’ll have seem the haul of products I purchased one afternoon. I swear having a shopping centre across the street from my uni, really enables me to go shopping afterwards haha! I’ve purchased ten things within the last month, so I’ve split this haul in 2, to make it easier to read. All prices in AUD.

The things I picked up last month – part one:

  • Sex Bomb Bath Bomb – Lush
  • Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid 100ml – Myer
  • Makeup Pads 160 pcs – Daiso
  • Coenzyme Q10 Face Moisturizing Mask (7 sheets) in Zipper Pack – Daiso/Ebay
  • Hyaluronate & Collagen Mask 7 Pcs – Daiso/Ebay


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb – Lush:

I bought this bath bomb based on the reviews I read online. It was for my friend’s 18th birthday present because she loves bath bombs and she’s vegan too so I thought it would be a perfect gift. As I was not the user of the product, I didn’t open it after purchasing for hygiene purposes and I obviously didn’t use the product, but if you’re interested in purchasing it, I think it’s quite reasonable for the price and product.

Where to get it: Lush

What it’s called: Sex Bomb

Shade: N/A

How much it costs: $6.50/200g


Alpha H Liquid Gold:

I bought this because it was on sale from Myer! I’ve tried the 50ml (and am currently using it) and was planning on purchasing the 100ml after it was finished, but I couldn’t pass up this sale! So much value for money. I got my 50ml Liquid Gold from Sephora ins tore, as they don’t stock it online.

Photo 25-6-17, 3 56 52 pm

I’ll have a full review on this product in a few weeks. I’ve been using it for just over a month now and will provide a very detailed blog post on it soon! So please keep an eye out for it.

Where to get it: In-store – Myer, Sephora. Online – Adore BeautyRY Beauty

What it’s called: Alpha H Liquid Gold

Shade: N/A

How much it costs: I got it on sale for $44.96, RRP is $59.95 (Myer), $64 (Sephora), $50.96 (Adore Beauty), $59.95 (RY Beauty) *prices are for 100ml


Makeup Pads 160 pcs

Since I picked up the Alpha H, I thought I’d restock on makeup pads as well. These were super cheap as they were from Daiso and I am yet to try them. they’re probably not as good in quality as Swisspers, but it’s pretty fairly priced for the amount you get.

Photo 25-6-17, 3 56 22 pm

Where to get it: Daiso

What it’s called: Makeup Pads 160pcs

Shade: N/A

How much it costs: $2.80/160 pcs


Coenzyme Q10 Face Moisturizing Mask in Zipper Pack:

I was planning on buying the Mizon masks from Mecca Maxima, but they were sold out. I stumbled upon these at Daiso and they’re such value for money. You get 7 masks for $2.80 and the packet is resealable, so the masks don’t get dry. As this was also a gift for my friend, I didn’t have time to take any pictures beforehand, as well as use it (for obvious hygiene reasons).

Where to get it: Daiso

What it’s called: Coenzyme Q10 Face Moisturizing Mask (7 sheets)

Shade: N/A

How much it costs: $2.80/7 sheets


Hyaluronate & Collagen Mask 7 Pcs:

I picked this up for myself to try since it was a good deal! I am still yet to try this, but it seems promising!

Photo 25-6-17, 3 55 26 pm


Where to get it: Daiso

What it’s called: Hyaluronate & Collagen Mask

Shade: N/A

How much it costs: $2.80/7 sheets


That’s the end of part one, did you spot any products that you use? Let me know in the comments, I’m keen to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned for part two next week! Until next time xxx













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