Kiko and Beauty Haul

Hello my friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a haul, and to be honest I haven’t been shopping much during lockdown. I was running out of some everyday essentials like moisturiser and cleanser so I decided to make a little order off Kiko and Beauty.

Now let’s get into it!

The first thing I picked up was the Benton Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask. This is actually for my mum though, she really likes aloe sheet masks so I picked up a few for her. I generally enjoy the Benton brand as well, so I’m sure this will be great.

Next up is another sheet mask haha, this time from Some By Mi, this is their Aloe Soothing Care. I didn’t know Some By Mi did sheet masks, I have to pick some up for myself next time! Some By Mi is another brand I enjoy as well, highly recommend their Miracle range! It did wonders for my skin.

The final aloe sheet mask in this haul is from Barulab and it’s their The Clean Vegan Mask range – another brand that I haven’t heard much about before. I have seen them on the website every now and then when I’m browsing, but this is my first time purchasing the brand. All sheet masks are 100% vegan and made using 100% plant based ingredients so that’s definitely one to look out for if you’re in the market for more cruelty free sheet masks.

As part of my free samples I got a Pack Age Oasis Moisturising Mask. I saw this brand on the website a few weeks ago and they look pretty good. There’s a range of affordable sheet masks on offer – another brand I must include in the future orders!

A girl always needs some pimple patches and I went back and repurchased my trusty VT Spot Patches. There’s 48 patches, it comes in two sizes and they’re super thin. I think these are great value for money. I always seem to run out of these when I actually need them, so stocking up on another packet means I’ll always have one on hand for when a pesky pimple pops up!

I needed a new cleanser because I’m out of back ups, and I bought this one for my boyfriend in the past and he says it’s good so I got one for myself too. It’s the Etude House Soon Jung 5.5 Foam Cleanser, I really like how it’s a low pH cleanser and it’s quite a basic one as well – minimal ingredient list and has glycerin, madecassoside and panthenol. I’m looking forward to trying this one!

I was looking all over the place for a new moisturiser, and the one I wanted was out of stock so I kept looking around for more options. I finally landed on the Illiyoon Ceramide ATO Lotion. I’ve previously bought my boyfriend the cream version, and though I have said I don’t like lotions that much, I really liked the ingredients of this. Also to my surprise, it’s more cream-like in consistency! It’s a bit viscous and has a body to it, and not “milky” like some lotions I’ve tried in the past. Super impressed by this and I highly recommend it!

Last but not least, I picked up a Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum: Propolis and Niacinamide. When these hit the market I knew I wanted to try all of them. The ingredient pairings go hand in hand and I wanted to start with the propolis and niacinamide one. I love propolis for giving the skin a glow and niacinamide also helps with repairing the skin. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and love it already. I am definitely going to go back and purchase the others in the range.

And that marks the end of another haul! There’s nothing more exciting than a little skincare haul, am I right? There are a few other things I need to purchase in the upcoming future, so maybe keep an eye out for another haul soon!

What have you bought recently? With all the new releases lately, it’s hard to catch up!

With love,

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