July Favourites

Hello everyone!

What better way to finish off this month than with a favourites blog post! It’s mostly skincare products this month as I haven’t been wearing makeup at all, since Sydney was in lockdown for half the month which meant I had nowhere to go.

First up is the Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster, which I have mentioned a few times on IG and more recently featured on my blog. These are another fantastic HA product that I’ve used. The texture is quite lightweight, it’s not tacky and absorbs into the skin seamlessly. I haven’t had any issues with pilling or anything and I can see my skin has improved as well.

I think 15ml is so tiny! I wish they did a 30ml at least, that way I could get more use out of the product. The 3 trial sizes (5ml each) I purchased lasted me about a month or so. Each Booster gave me about 1 weeks use, I used it morning and night.

I would definitely repurchase these but probably when they’re on sale.

Another favourite this month is the Paula’s Choice Reusable Cotton Rounds. If you saw my blog post from a few months back, I purchased my first ever reusable cotton pads. I am trying to make more sustainable changes with my beauty products and reusable cotton pads has been a good step. I’ve linked the blog post above if anyone wanted to read up about the Garnier ones. I might do a comparison post on them in the future.

I love that they come in a large packet of 10 and also includes a laundry bag so you can do a deeper clean in the washing machine. I like using toner on these and they’re great at removing makeup as well – I use it with micellar water. Since it comes in a large packet, I know it’ll last me quite a while. Honestly, it’s a worthy investment.

A pimple patch a day keeps the pesky pimples away, and I have been repurchasing the Skin Republic Spot Clear Patches for a few months now. Ever since an old workmate told me about them, I grabbed them when they’re half price and I’ve never looked back. Infused with salicylic acid and tea tree, these also help treat the pimple as well as heal it. With mask wearing, I sometimes stick one on during the day and nobody will notice! My pimple heals in peace and I don’t look silly since the mask is covering it!

I use these at night and love that they come in a 48 pack – they last me ages. It also comes in two sizes, a larger one and a medium sized one. They adhere very well and are super flat, almost unnoticeable. They’re also on sale often so keen an eye out at Coles/Woolies/Priceline/Big W!

The lesser raved about sister of the Anthelios Fluid is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel Cream. I don’t know why this isn’t spoken about more often? I couldn’t get the Anthelios Fluid to work for my skin, it left it looking oily and also stung my eyes. I love the formula of the Dry Touch Gel Cream, it feels hydrating on the skin and doesn’t sting my eyes – though there is also a formula that’s made for sensitive eyes.

I love that this comes in a pump, which means I can cut it open when I’m close to finishing the product. It doesn’t pill on my skin as well which is awesome. It doesn’t leave a white cast, nor does it have any fragrance! It’s not on sale often, but worth picking up when you see it on sale.

Last but not least, the one makeup product I’ve been enjoying this month is the Rimmel Brow Pro Micro. I picked this up when it was half price a while ago and it’s pretty good! It’s a very thin, automatic brow pencil and works great at filling in gaps. When I don’t have my eyebrows dyed, I use this to quickly fill in my brows. Only criticism is the amount of product you get is sooo little. I probably wouldn’t purchase this at full price, but Rimmel goes on sale often so definitely shop around!

What have you been enjoying this month?

With love,

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