Review: Daily Naturals Argan Oil Treatment

Hello my friends!

It’s not often I do hair care content but I have been using this Daily Naturals Argan Oil Treatment for a few months and I just have to share it with you!

I got it as a gift and it has been amazing! I’m not someone who has had a lot of luck with oil treatments for hair, but I have to say this is a game changer.

Created by Daily Naturals, an Australian brand that creates hair care products that are sulphate free, paraben free and 100% vegan friendly. This argan oil treatment is formulated with grapeseed extract, sunflower ceramides and natural vitamin e. It’s suitable for all hair types, comes in a pump packaging, and takes the appearance of a clear serum.

I use 2-4 pumps for my hair (I divide my hair in half) and distribute it evenly on both sides. It can be used on wet and dry hair, thought I prefer to use it just after I’ve washed and towel dried my hair. It’s also helped me tame some baby hairs when my hair is dry. It does not leave your hair feeling or looking greasy – which I loveeee. Lastly, it smells amazing, kind of like grapes and leaves my hair feeling so soft.

I highly recommend this treatment if you have dry hair, or you’re looking to add a little boost into your hair care routine. It comes in a 50ml bottle which will you last ages because you only need a tiny bit every time!

Do you have any holy grail hair care products?

With love,

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