Meet me Mondays with Felicity – @skinwithfel

Hello and welcome back to another Meet me Mondays!

Today we are with the lovely Felicity of @skinwithfel I think I’ve been following Felicity for around a year now and I love her content. We share the same interests in K-Beauty and skincare in general. Please check out her account, I know you won’t be disappointed! Now let’s get to it!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey all! My name is Felicity and I’m a 20-and-a-half-year-old skincare lover living in Sydney, Australia! I met the lovely Irene on Instagram and have been a part of the skincare community for a year now! Aside from my addiction to skincare, I’m an avid health care and selfcare nut! I love all things health, from nutrition to exercise, mental health and beauty. I work part-time at a pharmacy and I’m studying to be a paramedic!

How would you describe yourself?

I don’t really know haha! This question is always so difficult, so to answer this I might start by describing the type of person i want to be. Felicity means happiness in the dictionary, and I’ve always worked towards being the happiest person I can be (isn’t that everyone’s life goal? 😊). I do my best to remain positive and see the light in the darkness. I am also energetic, goofy, and love a good laugh!  

What are some of your HG skincare products? 

Phew, that’s a tough one as well. Some of my holy grail products include the Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser, I’m From Mugwort Essence, Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence, Youth to The People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil and Cancer Council’s Face Day Wear Moisturiser Matte SPF50+. Gosh, all those names are so long..

I love your bold brows – do you have any eyebrow maintenance tips? 

Awww thank you so much! ❤ They get very messy, very quickly! After going to a salon to get my brows waxed almost every month from the age of 11 (yes that’s very young.. my older sister brought me along with her) to about 17, I decided to stop going and save money by doing them myself. I didn’t really like the way they did it anyway, the eyebrow technicians usually did them too thin which didn’t suit my chubby face. I don’t trust anyone with my eyebrows now haha! All I do is tweeze the stray hairs, brush up my brows and trim the excess with some eyebrow scissors and I’m satisfied. I usually have to do this at least once a week because they grow out so quickly. One tip I’d give is it’s better to under-pluck than over-pluck haha!

So you’re studying to become a paramedic and you’ve recently done a placement, what was the most rewarding part of the experience? 

Yes!! What an adventure…

The most rewarding part would have to be gaining the confidence to treat most of the patients we encountered and developing my skills as a paramedic. In previous placements, I was too apprehensive of taking charge and I just thought to myself, why am I restricting myself from growing? I let myself be comfortable in making mistakes and not beating myself up for it. Because after all, making mistakes helps you grow! I really appreciate the support I received from my mentors, my followers who DMd me after seeing my placement stories, and even some lovely patients who commended me on my care and wished me luck for my future!

What’s something your followers might not know about you? 

Hmm.. I think I’m pretty transparent on my Instagram haha. Something my followers might not know is the guilt I get sometimes for having quite a few skincare products. We get things sent to us in exchange for reviews, and sometimes the products pile up, especially when you have a skincare addiction haha. I do my best to give unwanted products away to friends and family, decline PR and I have cut down a lot from what it was before. But I’ll never shake the feeling of guilt of having all these ‘free’ products when there are people out there who don’t even have access to food and water…

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I hope I’ll have gotten a job as paramedic in a lovely location where I am able to flourish and grow. I hope I’ll be able to continue growing my skincare account and see where that takes me! I also hope i’ll have a dog… one of my life dreams haha (I live in an apartment so I can’t yet ☹). And most importantly, I hope I am surrounded by love and happiness.

What are 5 products on your wish list at the moment?

First on the list is definitely a dog HAHA, as mentioned above. At this point I don’t care what breed, but in the past I’ve been obsessed with pugs, corgis and staffies.

Next, a serum that’s not available in Australia ☹- Topical’s Faded.

Then, I’m on the hunt for a great candle and bath soak for some relaxation time (if you have any suggestions, DM me!)

Lastly, I need some new glasses because my prescription changed… I’m getting more blind haha!

What are you looking forward to this year? 

This year, I’m looking forward to graduating! (hopefully the end of this year). I’m also looking forward to turning 21!!! The big 2 1. Lastly, I’m looking forward to having a little holiday getaway. My partner and I aren’t sure where to go yet, but anywhere beats being stuck at home during another lockdown!

Where can we find you on social media? 

You can find me @skinwithfel ! I’d love to make some new skinsta friends 😊

And that marks the end of another Meet me Mondays. I hope you all enjoyed learning more about Felicity – don’t forget to check out her page!

See you back here next week!

With love,

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