“C” the difference with ESK*

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve all been well, I’m back with another ESK review – this time, I’m reviewing their Reverse “C” Serum*. I’ve previously used ESK products and loved them, you can check out my review here and here.

So what exactly is the Reverse “C” Serum?

A powerful anti-oxidant serum that hydrates, repairs the visible signs of aging and protects the skin against further damage. The Anti-oxidant Vitamins C (L-Ascorbic Acid – 10%) and E (Tocopherol – 1%) are combined in their most potent forms and work to repair and prevent the appearance of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin roughness. For skin repair, protection and moisturising of dry and normal skin.

There is also a C Serum Lite, suited for normal and oilier skin types, but I opted for the Reverse “C” Serum because it’s better suited for dry skin – and since winter is here, I thought this would be more appropriate.


Apply 1 – 2 pumps to fingertips and apply to face after cleansing in the morning. Also for use on décolletage, back of hands and forearms.
For use on normal skin (in a dry climate) & dry skin.

I received the trial size (15ml) which would probably last me about 1-2 months, the full sized product is 50ml and lasts 3-4 months with regular use.

My thoughts:

This serum is clear, doesn’t feel tacky or greasy and is recommended for day use, I applied it before my moisturiser in the morning. It sunk seamlessly into the skin and didn’t pill or conflict with my other skincare.

I found that I need 2.5 pumps for the face and neck, it’s recommended to use only 1 pump for acne prone skin but I just found that it wasn’t enough.

After 2 weeks use, I found that my skin was definitely brighter and just looked more glowing in general. Some of you may know that last month I had a reaction to a product, which caused me to break out everywhere. Even though I was left with scarring and redness from the reaction, I still saw such a difference in my skin from using the Reverse “C” Serum.

After 4 weeks, I found a big difference in the right side of my face, specifically on my cheeks. It was much more even in complexion, some of my pigmentation was also gone and I found my skin was smoother as well. My face as a whole, was a lot brighter and smoother, despite having breakouts from a month ago, I still continued to see a difference in my complexion and texture.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this product, another great one by ESK. I’ve always seen a great difference in my skin when I trial ESK products, once again, my reviews are linked above. I definitely recommend checking out the brand if you’re in the market for new skincare products that provide you with a visible difference!

Have you tried anything from ESK before?

Have a great week!

With love,

*Branded Content – PR sample provided in exchange for review, no compensation received for posting.

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