Introducing my favourite cleansing oil!

Hello everyone!

Super excited to share today’s post with you because I have found a new favourite cleansing oil.

So what is a cleansing oil? It’s an oil that helps break down makeup/sunscreen/dirt/sweat anything really, and provides you with a deeper clean. I first discovered oil cleansing maybe 5 or more years ago? When I was getting into skincare, specifically Korean skincare, I found out all about it and since then, I’ve been double cleansing and I’ve never looked back. There are also cleansing balms – which I also love, but for today, I am sharing my favourite cleansing oil!

Introducing…Muji Cleansing Oil!

I received this last year as a birthday present and finally opened it a few months back. It’s your typical pump bottle, with a secure lock to stop accidental oil spillage, and the formula is super lightweight. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin, is fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, paraben and alcohol free! It’s a combination of olive oil, sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil!

It’s extremely lightweight, some cleansing oils I’ve tried are quite thick and heavy, leaving a “film” feeling behind when cleansing, but this is like a water consistency and emulsifies so nicely when cleansing. I think my most favourite thing about this is that it doesn’t have a weird taste. If you’ve used cleansing oils before, you might notice that some leave a “taste” especially when cleansing over your lips – I’ve always found that to be such an unbearable thing in cleansing oils, it just doesn’t taste nice. As this is fragrance free it doesn’t leave behind a taste, removes my makeup and sunscreen effortlessly and comes at a pretty affordable price for the size!

Convenient “tracker” on the side of the bottle showing how much you have left!

I generally use 1 pump when I’m removing sunscreen on my face and neck, but I use 2 pumps when I’m wearing a full face of makeup. It doesn’t leave any trace behind, but I always follow up with a second cleanse anyways.

Overall, this is such an affordable cleansing oil, that’s suited for sensitive skin and honestly, I don’t think I’ve used any other cleansing oil like it! Cleanses so easily, fragrance free and doesn’t leave a weird taste behind. If you’re in the market for a new cleansing oil, or you’re interested in trying a cleansing oil for the first time, I’d definitely recommend this one if you have a Muji store near you!

Do you have a favourite cleansing oil?

Have a great week!


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