So I bought the new Garnier Reusable Eco Pads and…

Hello my friends!

Hope you’ve all been well, I’m so excited to share this blog post with you today! As you can tell I’ve recently purchased the Garnier Reusable Eco Pads. I’ve been trying to be more sustainable/environmentally conscious with my beauty purchases and I have considered reusable cotton pads for a while now – before when they weren’t too “big” in the community, I found some online but they were so expensive or there weren’t many reviews on them. Buying reusable products are meant to save you money in the long run, but some that I came across were priced at $40+ for a multipack + you had to pay for shipping. I couldn’t find many reusable cotton pads in store either, so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to just buy them in store quickly and also save on shipping.

So….when Garnier brought out their cotton pads, I was so excited to try them – of course I waited for them to be half price before purchasing haha. This is a 3 pack that retails for $16.99, though keep an eye out for a half price sale since Garnier is stocked at so many retailers, you’re bound to shop a sale!

When I was initially looking into reusable cotton pads, I wanted something to replace one of my facial cleansing pads (I had a Tribe Skincare one, you can check out my review here), but I heard from others that it’s probably not a great substitute. I had just repurchased some of my usual cotton pads – only to find the price had gone up which made me rethink purchasing reusable cotton pads and here we are.

Firstly, these are so so so soft. They’re a double sided (duh) pad, one side is pink and the other is white. It’s about the size of a Face Halo, maybe even smaller? They’re very flat and I’ve found that sometimes they tend to kind of fold over each other when I am using them. It’s recommended to clean them with soap and water after every use (I use Protex), and then lay them flat to dry. For a deeper clean, just pop them into your washing machine every week and they come out like new!

I recently also got my hands on a Bioderma Micellar Water, which I’ve been pairing with the pads, to remove my makeup before I get in the shower for a deeper cleanse. I’ve found that if you put a little micellar water, it’s good because then the micellar water doesn’t ‘leak’ out, however I’ve found that I’ve have to go in again because the first time there wasn’t enough solution. Basically they can hold some liquid but they’re not sponge. The first time I used them, I poured too much and the micellar water just fell out of the pad lol – lesson learnt.

After I have cleansed my face, I squeeze the pad and all the dirty water comes out – kind of satisfying. Of course I cleansed it properly afterwards. I used my trusty Protex, ran it over the pad – both sides, and then washed it by squeezing out the excess water until it was all clean. The pad is so easy to clean, you can do the same with soap – I’d recommend any kind of anti-bacterial solution. Once they’ve dried they become super soft again and ready to go for the next day!

I’m really, really impressed by these cotton pads and definitely recommend them if you’re looking to transition from disposable to reusable. The quality is there, it works great and when they’re on sale you’ve got yourself a bargain!

I got mine from Priceline, but I believe they’re also at Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths and Big W – there’s probably stocked at many other retailers so definitely shop around if you don’t want to pay full price!

Have you tried reusable cotton pads before?

Thanks for reading, see you back here next week!

With love,

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