Ace your base this winter!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while but I’m back – hopefully more consistently! I’ve started a new internship recently + I’m still working at my current job so I basically work Monday-Friday and I’m still adjusting to the change.

Since starting my internship, I have started wearing makeup more regularly now. It’s quite cold in the mornings as well, as we are approaching winter. I thought I’d put this little blog post together to talk about how you can perfect your base for the colder months.

My skin has been quite dehydrated lately, so I’ve been trying to put more moisture into my skincare routine.

Let’s talk skincare first…


I love a good serum, it’s that extra treatment in your skincare routine and I recently purchased The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics – so far I am loving it! I much prefer this one over their Hyaluronic Acid – which was too tacky for me. This one is like liquid, it easily absorbs into the skin and I have no trouble with it mixing in with my other skincare products.

Look for hydrating serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, or even propolis – great at giving your skin that overall glow.

Sheet masks

This is like an instant serum boost – every sheet mask has 20-30ml of liquid, which is equivalent to a bottle of serum. I like doing these maybe 1-2 times a week, depending on my schedule. Sometimes they’re just a good way to unwind, make sure you don’t leave them on for too long, because then it “sucks” the moisture out of your skin.

I’m currently using the ones from 16 Brand, though I also enjoy Skin Republic, Innisfree and Etude House (really great and affordable ones).


Everyone should moisturise, it’s a no brainer. Find one that works for you, that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. I’m currently using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser – it’s great, it has squalane, glycerin and apricot kernel oil. I love using it day and night, and it doesn’t conflict with any of my other skincare. It’s hydrating enough for me and goes on like a dream. I am not a huge fan of the bottle though, I would prefer a squeeze tube.

Some of my favourite moisturisers include the Kiehl’s one I mentioned above, the Cosrx Birch Sap Lotion and Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream.


Facial oils – you either love them or hate them. I have liked most of what I’ve tried. I believe a common skincare myth is that oily skin doesn’t need to use facial oil, but oily skin is caused by stripping away too much of your face’s natural oils, which leads your skin to produce more oil to compensate for that. I’m currently using the Alkira Kangaroo Paw and Macadamia Hydrating Facial Oil* and it’s quite nice. I tend to use oils at night time so I don’t go out of the house looking all shiny haha. I use them only sometimes though, I recently trialled a new product which left my skin with tiny white bumps 😦 So I have been a bit cautious with my skincare, only using what’s necessary and not overloading it with so many products.

I have previously enjoyed the Biossance Squalane Oil and the Tarte Maracuja Oil, they left my skin feeling and looking so nice and glowy.


You can’t put all this effort into your base without sealing the deal with some sunscreen! Sunscreen is very personal IMO, I’ve tried some that worked great for others, but didn’t work for me – they pilled, left a white cast or just didn’t sink into my skin. I’m currently using one from Sunsense, which is almost finished and I need to purchase a new one.

I’ve previously enjoyed the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face (SPF 50 version) and the Cancer Council Face Day Wear Matte Invisible Sunscreen.

Now onto makeup!


For the longest time I thought primer wasn’t that necessary (back when I had oily skin in my teens, primer didn’t work well with my skin, maybe it was from all that layering who knows?) but I’m starting to think it’s necessary again. I sometimes get dry patches around my nose area and I have found that applying primer before foundation, has helped with this. I also wear glasses so foundation smudging onto my frames is inevitable, but you do what you can right? I love a good hydrating primer, also a glowy primer.

I recommend the Maybelline Hydrating Primer – it’s often on sale as well!

Setting product

I love a good setting product, it helps keep my makeup in place and I just feel so incomplete without setting my face. I apply some powder (I use the Fenty one) after my sunscreen, a very, very thin sweep all over my face. I let that settle for a bit, then I apply my foundation etc. I have found that this has helped with my foundation wear as well.

Sometimes I even use a setting spray (also use setting spray to wet my sponge) just to spritz my face before applying foundation. I don’t go ham with it though, just a quick spritz here and here, let it settle again and then go in with foundation etc. I’m currently using the Morphe Continuous Spray – which is nice and affordable. I have a NYX Setting Spray (the dewy one) as a back up, as I’ve heard great things about it.

For setting powders I do love that Fenty one, I also love the Too Faced Peach Perfect one, but I heard that was getting discontinued. Lastly, I also love the Rimmel Loose Powder, a great affordable setting powder.

As for sprays, hm…I haven’t found any great ones, however I’ve been recommended the one from Charlotte Tilbury – hoping to try some of her stuff one day!

Would love to know your tips for perfecting your base this winter, leave them down below!

With love,

*PR sample provided for my consideration, no obligation to mention the product, no monetary compensation received either.

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