I dyed my eyebrows and it wasn’t a disaster…

Hello my friends,

Today I wanted to talk about something I’ve been doing for the past month and that’s dyeing my own eyebrows! I’ve previously tinted them with the Revolution Brow Tint, which only lasted about 2-3 days and was a peel off formula. This time I used actual dye, I bought the Just For Men Moustache & Beard in Dark Brown, I know what you’re thinking, why use moustache and beard dye when there’s one for eyebrows and eyelashes specifically?

Here’s why:

  • Price – I got this when it was on sale, so it came down to like $10~, the 1000Hour one retails for $19.99 and when it’s on sale, it’s only really 20-30% off from memory, which makes the Just For Men one more affordable
  • Hair is hair – Honestly it’s just marketing, it’s called Just For Men, but women and everyone else have hair as well?
  • Ingredients – I found the Just For Men to have more hydrating ingredients like Coconut Oil, Oatmeal and Aloe Vera

So inside the packet there’s a pair of gloves, the colour developer, the cream, a plastic tray to mix and a brush. Me being a first time user, I didn’t use the gloves because what could go wrong? Lesson learnt. Use the gloves!

I mixed it with a 1:1 ratio on the plastic tray and used the handle of the brush. I then used a angled makeup brush to dye my eyebrows. I waited 5 minutes and wiped it off. The instructions said to wash it off, but because it was just my eyebrows, I didn’t think it was necessary to wet my face in an attempt to wash the dye off.

The first time wasn’t too bad! They weren’t permanent marker dark but they did look great in natural light, quite natural looking tbh. The next time I used it I shaped my brows a bit better by tweezing them and then I dyed them again. I ended up purchasing a cheaper angled brush because I didn’t want to ruin my Zoeva one haha.

Now that I’ve been using it more, I’ve got the hang of it. Though I have some words of advice:

  • Use the gloves haha!
  • Maybe lay down a towel when you’re doing it. I’ve managed to dye my white table because the end of the brush (the one that came with the box) ended up hitting my table and left little marks everywhere!
  • Invest in a cheap angled brush. This makes application so much easier and saves you ruining your more high end brushes.
  • I found this to last up to 3 days on me. At first I thought it was a bit weird for them to last so little, but then again, you’re only dyeing your brows and not a large part of your face so it’s unlikely to last as long – if you’ve tried the 1000Hour one, let me know how that held up for you and if it did last up to 6 weeks! I suppose I don’t mind redyeing them every now and then, after all it only takes about 5 minutes so it’s not like you’re using so much of your time!

Overall, I think this was a good investment. $10 ($13-14 full price), 5 minute application and roughly used 2 times a week. Considering the 1:1 ratio as well, this will last you ages and I would recommend trying it out if you’re looking to dye your own eyebrows. I will say it does have a 3 month expiration date, once it’s been opened. I do recommend having a pretty good shape already, otherwise try to map out your brow shape BEFORE you dye, it’ll be easier and less messy. I do put some product around my eyebrows to try and minimise dye spreading onto other areas of my skin. I’ve used Lanolips, Vaseline and Dermal Therapy. It’s helped a bit but I feel like I can do without it, sometimes I find it smears more of my dye when I use something around my eyebrows – it’s a bit of a hit and miss. Alternatively, use some isocol to remove the dye if it spreads onto your skin.

So have you ever dyed your own eyebrows, how was the experience? This is worth checking out if you’re a newbie and you’re interested in dyeing your own eyebrows. Just keep in mind the tips I have left in this blog post – they will help you immensely, trust me!

Catch you back here next week with a new blog post!

With love,

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