February Haul

Hello everyone!

What a month February has been, I can’t believe it’s almost over! I wanted to share my haul from this month. February (and March) are big months for me as I have friends that have birthdays and I also have my anniversary coming up next month! Needless to say, my wallet is feeling quite light from all this gift shopping!

I shopped at Mecca, Priceline and Kiko and Beauty!

From Mecca I did two orders, the first one included some things for myself and a friend, who had a birthday in the first week of the month so I had to get in quick to get her present delivered to me in time.

I picked up the Frank Body Vitamin Sea Kit which is an online only and limited edition product.

It has 1x Brightening Vitamin C Mask and 1x 100g Coconut Coffee Scrub. It also comes packaged in a cute box, so I thought that would make a perfect gift because it saves me having to purchase a gift bag/gift box/gift wrap to put it in! You only save like 95c from purchasing them in a gift pack so it’s not exactly economical, but I do think it makes a great gift!

The next thing I purchased was for myself, it’s the Morphe M165 Angle Liner Brow Brush.

I’ve started dyeing my eyebrows and didn’t want to ruin my Zoeva brush so I purchased an inexpensive one haha. This is actually really good quality! It’s my first time trying any of the Morphe brushes and I’ve always heard good things. Would love to try more of their brushes in the future, but I have way too many as is haha.

The last thing I bought was the 16 Brand Juicy Toks Mango and Grapefruit Mask.

I love using sheet masks on the day or the day before I go out, I find it helps add that hydration boost into my skin and my makeup also applies better. I’ve tried pretty much every mask from this range, except this one! I know they have a few more that aren’t available in Australia yet, because I saw them in a cosmetics shops when I was overseas a few years ago. Hopefully they come down here, because these masks are so cheap!

As for my singular free sample (miss the days of 3 free samples which you could choose) I got a sample of the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in American Woman.

I’ve previously received this as a sample or in my Beauty Loop, I don’t remember, but I do remember really enjoying the shade and the formula!

For my second order, it was mostly things for my friends birthday. Her birthday occurs in the middle of the month so I waited a bit to purchase these. I also got my Beauty Loop in this order, I’m only on Level 1 but I think by now I would’ve dropped down because I didn’t spend enough to maintain my level – which I don’t mind because I mostly shop for presents at Mecca, and sometimes I get skincare from there. I didn’t want to spend more just to maintain my level, I’d rather shop for what I need.

In this order I got her the Soap & Glory Call of Fruity The Way She Smoothes Softening Body Lotion I’ve previously purchased Soap & Glory products for her which she loved. I know she’s a bit slack with her skincare routine so I decided to get this body lotion for her. It’s 500ml, comes in a pump and has really nice packaging. I’ve read many reviews saying it smells amazing as well so that’s a bonus!

Another thing I got for her was the Frank Body Lip Tint in Cherry Bomb. I know she loves her lip tints and who doesn’t love a moisturising formula? This also comes in a nude shade, but I felt she would’ve liked the red tinted shade better. It’s quite inexpensive as well, compared to a few others on the market.

Lastly, one small thing for me haha, I purchased another 16Brand mask, this time I got the Marine Collagen Shower Mask Pack I remember when this first came out, I was really curious about it and since it’s not available at my local store, I got it!

As for my free sample I got the Ren Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm.

The full size is 30ml and the sample was 5ml. It’s essentially a sleeping mask and it has jojoba oil and sunflower oil, so it’s meant to be quite nourishing. I used it on the day that I got it and it was quite nice! It’s a balm that kind of melts into your skin and when I washed it off in the morning, my face felt like I had a balm on the previous night. It felt a bit…I can’t describe it but I did feel some like ‘residue’ when I washed my face the following morning.

In my Level 1 Beauty Loop box I got 2 skincare samples and 2 makeup samples.

I got the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm in Orgasm which was excessively packaged, the lip balm was literally a dot, and it came with a little applicator – a bit extra. I do love the original Nars Orgasm blush so it was interesting to see them expand the Orgasm range by bringing out different products.

I love me some Clinique so I was glad to see I got a sample of the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. I’ve tried the overnight mask from this range so I’m keen to try the moisturiser out.

I have seen a lot of hype over RMS on Instagram and I’ve never tried their products before. The RMS Beauty Master Radiance Base in Rich in Radiance is like a cream product that goes on before your foundation, mixed with it or used on its own.

Last but not least, I got a sample of the Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream. I generally don’t use MB products so I’m interested in seeing how this goes.

Now onto my Priceline purchases for the month…

I picked up some more cotton pads, I got the Beauty Essentials Cotton Pads as they’re cheap and convenient for me to purchase. I’ve used so many of these and I always get the 2 pack unless it’s out of stock. If you’re in Australia I also love the cotton pads by Lacura from Aldi and the Target home brand ones (so good and only $2 from memory!). Swisspers are good too, but if I can save a few dollars and still get a great product then I will!

From the clearance bin I got the Natio Renew Silky Shea Miracle Face Oil for $2! I believe this is no longer around and I was actually looking to purchase an oil anyways! Great timing and an even greater price! This has a mix of apricot oil, shea, almond oil and more. I love the packaging as well, a bit different from the usual droppers!

On a separate occasion I found out I had a $5 voucher so I popped in store and got some floss as it was on sale, I also stocked up on the Protex Antibacterial Bar Soap in Gentle. I use this to wash my brushes and I also use it to wash my hands. It’s a really versatile product and I love that there’s an original and a gentle formula. Super cheap and comes with minimal packaging which is why I use it. It comes in a cardboard box, which can be recycled and once the bar is finished, there’s no excess waste! They do make a 3 pack now, which is cost effective, but because it comes in plastic, I’m kind of deterred from purchasing it. I also picked up an oldie, Vaseline, this works great for dry skin, I got it to use on my feet because I find it’s quite cheap and effective at smoothing the heel.

At Kiko and Beauty, one of my fave kbeauty retailers, I was purchasing more presents, bought some things for myself that I wanted to try, and I got a few things for my boyfriend as well.

Firstly, I got the Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream for my boyfriend!

He was looking to replace his current moisturiser, which was one from Pyunkang Yul, which I helped him pick out. I haven’t heard much about this brand before, but this does look interesting. He has sensitive skin so I try to find suitable skincare products for him , that won’t irritate his skin. This has ceramides in it, which help protect and moisturise the skin barrier. It’s also 7 free, meaning it’s free from fragrance, mineral oil, parabens etc.

The next thing is also for my boyfriend, replacing his current cleanser, I picked the Etude House Soon Jung 5.5 Foam Cleanser.

I picked this for the same reason, the Soon Jung range is so good for sensitive skin, their products are at a low ph and also help hydrate the skin, without stripping them. This is hypoallergenic and leaves a hydrating finish. It’s also formulated without surfactants, mineral oils and fragrances!

One thing that I bought for myself was the Mediheal BT21 Face Point Mask in Chimmy.

I loveee BTS, after much thinking, I’ve decided that Jimin is my bias – my favourite of the 7 members essentially. Chimmy was created by Jimin himself, each member created their own little character. In this collab with Mediheal, there are 4 face masks, a book mark and a photo card in the package. Everything is designed so beautifully, and the Chimmy masks are for skin tone improvement and vitamin care. They have vitamin c and niacinamide, which are two ingredients that I love!

I also picked up one for my friend, for her birthday gift. I got her the Cooky one, which unfortunately is out of stock now.

It’s her favourite character so I wanted to get her this one! The Cooky masks are for skin barrier reinforcement and radiance care. They have ceramides and hexapeptide, which are used to restore the skin and provide a healthy glow. This also comes with 4 masks, a book mark and a photo card!

Last but not least, the samples! I received a decent range of samples and luckily I’ve never tried any of these before so I’m keen to get onto them.

Kiko & Beauty are always so generous with their samples, I’ve purchased from there many times before and it’s always been exceptional service and delivery. Highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking to purchase some Korean goodies! Not sponsored, just shouting out a small, local business!

Thus ends my February haul, it’s been a big one this month – and I have another friend’s birthday next month AND my anniversary, the spending never ends haha. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the things that I bought this month, I think I’m good with buying stuff for myself for a while now haha.

See you back here next week for a new blog post!

With love,

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