5 Skincare Favourites of 2020

Hello and welcome to the final blog post for the year!

I might take a 1-2 week hiatus at the beginning of next year to just dedicate some time to taking a break and sorting things out/running errands.

As I posted my makeup favourites last week, this week I’ll be sharing my skincare favourites. I feel like everyone has been into skincare this year, much more than before. I’ve discovered some new faves and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Once again in no particular order…

Sunsense Ultra SPF 50+

I got this from a discount bin at Priceline and scored it for $5! I have been a long time fan of Sunsense sunscreens, I think this one and the Sports one are my favourites from the range – though I’m still keen to try some more out, like the invisible zinc range! This applies like a dream and does not conflict with my makeup or other skincare – except it did on 1-2 odd occasions, but besides that, it has been a dream!

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream

If you saw my review of this from a few weeks back, you’ll know why this is included! I’ll keep it short but it applies amazingly, leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised and I have no complains about it whatsoever! A great product at a great price point – I got mine from Kiko & Beauty!

Bioderma Cicabio Pommade

My first Bioderma product – yep, my first! Their products have been so highly raved about, mainly their Micellar Water, but I’ve always thought it was more on the expensive side for drugstore skincare so I steered clear of it – not to mention I’m not exactly their target as I don’t have sensitive skin! Anyways, I came across a sample of this and bought the full size when it was on sale at 40% – somewhat of a bargain haha. I mainly got this as a hand cream because I have some odd skin condition on my fingers – only occurs on 3 of them. This helps calm them down a bit, especially with the itchiness and dryness. I got it from Priceline!

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I feel like this product needs no introduction…I’ve finally got my hands on this after years of lusting after it. It has helped so much with my skin tone – so much brighter and more even toned. I haven’t noticed a heap of change in regards to my clogged pores, because I still get them here and there. I grabbed this from the AU website back when they had 20% off! I would pay full price for it too, but come on, who doesn’t love a good saving!

Sheet masks

I have rediscovered my love for sheet masks this year. They really do help moisturise the skin and I love putting one on the day before I have an event – I find my dry patches have minimised and my makeup sits on my skin a lot better. Pictured is the Pyunkang Yul Highly Moisturising Essence Mask Pack that I bought from Kiko & Beauty. Some of my favourite brands are Papa’s Recipe, Innisfree and 16 Brand. They come in a range of prices and cater to different needs. I tend to go for brightening ones (with vitamin c or niacinamide) and moisturising ones (with hyaluronic acid).

So those are my 5 favourites for the year, what were some of your skincare highlights for the year?

Have a great new year everyone, stay safe and I’ll see you back here in a few weeks!

With love,

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