5 Makeup Favourites of 2020

Hello everyone!

As 2020 comes to an end, I want to share my 5 makeup faves for this year. I haven’t used a heap of makeup this year because of Covid and having to wear masks, but I did discover some new loves – keep reading to find out more!

In no particular order by the way!

Fenty Beauty Pro-Filtr Setting Powder in Butter

You may have seen my blog post about this, I picked this up earlier in the year and I finally opened it back in October. It is amazing!!! I’ll keep it short since I have a blog post dedicated to it:

  • Worth the money considering size – you get so much product
  • Great packaging
  • Doesn’t ‘tint’ your face/foundation, despite coming in different shades
  • Great for baking + setting
  • Really fine and sets like a dream!

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream in 02 Medium

You already know how much I love this! I discovered this earlier in the year, when I was looking for something light to even out my skin tone. This is a dream, I always pick it up when it’s on sale, I think this is my second tube and just my luck I picked it up during the Black Friday sales. I tried a different foundation from Bourjois, but I just had to go back to this one, it’s too good!

  • Evens skin tone
  • Affordable-ish, $25 for 30ml, but when it’s on sale it’s $12.50!
  • A little goes a long way
  • Hydrating formula and isn’t cakey
  • Perfect for low makeup days, or make a full face out of it!
  • Gives your skin a glow

Revlon Blush in Just Peachy

I wasn’t so sure about this one at first because it looked really pink, but it doesn’t swatch very harshly and actually complements my skin tone! It reminds me a bit of Nars Orgasm, it’s a nice pink with a bit of shimmer. Looks super natural on my skin as well – win win!

  • Takes forever to pan because there’s so much product
  • Matte finish with a bit of shimmer in it
  • Looks very natural on the skin

Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Crystal Clear

I love that glosses made a bit of a come back this year because who doesn’t love a clear gloss! Use it alone or as a topper, the possibilities are endless! This is pretty affordable as well, I think it’s $15.95 full price? Around that mark anyways, and it often goes on sale as well. I will say though, it definitely doesn’t last as long as it claims! Though I don’t mind reapplying.

  • Not too sticky
  • Love pairing it with a nude lip liner for a natural lip
  • Great topper as well to give your lips a bit of a shine

Savvy Nourishing Lip Liner in Chestnut

Where has this been all my life! This shade is almost identical to my lip colour – you’re probably wondering why do I want to use a lip liner that is the same colour as my lips? I use this when I’m not that bothered with lip products but still want a little something. The other day I used this on its own, I outlined my lips and put some lip balm and that’s it! It makes my lips look bigger because the colour match is very similar, and I don’t have to worry about over doing it. I also love to pair this with the Rimmel gloss for another kind of natural lip haha.

  • Super soft, it isn’t hard at all like some other pencil lip liners
  • Love the shade – there’s other shades in the range as well
  • Only $5 and sometimes goes on sale for half price as well
  • Can’t get enough of it

And there we have it, my makeup stand outs for this year! Stay tuned next week for my skincare favourites of 2020, as we can off this crazy year!

What were some of your makeup favourites from this year?

With love,

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