Meet my new favourite moisturiser!

Hello my good friends!

Are we all excited for Christmas and the holiday season? This year has been a tough one, no doubt about it. I love Christmas time, I don’t really celebrate it as a religious thing, however, I do love the spirit of Christmas! Now onto today’s post, I am sharing my new favourite moisturiser. You may have seen this lurking on my Instagram and let me tell you, it is fantastic!

It is the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream, this one is suitable for normal/dry types, whereas the gel cream version is suited for oily skin types. I got this from my fave, Kiko and Beauty, at a great price of $22. I got it a few months ago, to replace my moisturiser that ran out and I was looking for an affordable moisturiser, with good ingredients and came in decent packaging.

I love this moisturiser because it comes in a tube – hygienic! It’s also see through so I know how much I have left. It has five types of hyaluronic acid in it, so you know it’s moisturising. I was looking for a cream, rather than a lotion, because I felt they were more moisturising.

They suggest you put the opening date on the tube so you know how long it’s been opened for!

In using it so far, I have no complaints. It hydrates my skin, works well with my other skincare so it doesn’t pill or anything. It’s a really good basic moisturiser!

My previous favourite moisturiser (I still love though I haven’t used it in a long time because my skin type has changed) is the Cosrx Birch Sap Lotion. That worked really well when I was a teen with oily skin.

What’s your favourite moisturiser at the moment?

With love,

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