Meet me Mondays with Kels – @wellnessbykels

Welcome to the final Meet me Mondays for the year!

It’s been a busy November for me, so there wasn’t a post prepared for last year, but I am back with regular posts for this month!

Today I am interviewing the lovely Kels of @wellnessbykels I have been following Kels for years and years! She’s such a lovely person to chat to and she creates some great content! Keep reading to find out more!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Kelsie (Kels), 27 years old and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I love the beach, my toy poodle Izzy 🐩, exploring outdoors and beauty!

Without a doubt, this year has been a crazy one – what has been a highlight for you? 

I have been working hard to pay off debt, and have reached some financial milestones, which has been great. 

Another highlight for me would be that due to COVID, some brands have been hosting their PR events virtually via Zoom, which is great as living in Tassie, I haven’t been able to attend them in person in the past as I live Interstate!

What were your top three skincare products for this year?

All are actually affordable!

First is the Natio Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50. No fragrance, feels like a moisturiser, not a sunscreen! Been through countless tubes. You need to try!

Good Molecules Brightening Serum; contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and beta arbutin to brighten and speed up acne mark fading!

Simple Micellar Water ; one of the only Micellar waters that doesn’t irritate my skin! 

Of all the brands you’ve collaborated with, which brand was a bit of a pinch me moment? 

I’ve been doing this since 2013 (so over 7 years now!), and I still pinch myself whenever a brand wants to work with me. I guess the biggest would be Charlotte Tilbury, Dyson, and Gucci!  

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Such a hard question.

When I was a teenager I had my whole life mapped out, from the age I would finish my degree, get married and have babies haha 😆 But as I’ve got older and have had major health issues I realise that it’s great to have goals and work towards things, but life doesn’t always work out exactly the way you think it will (which is what makes it exciting!). Long way of saying, who knows, but as long as I’m happy and healthy doing it, that’s all that matters. 

Have you watched any good movies or read any good books lately? 

So many! 

Books: goodbye things by Fumio sasaki I also just finished Beach Read by Emily Henry. Love a easy read, chick lit book!

I have watched basically every romantic comedy movie on Netflix! Love a cheesy lighthearted film.

What is one of your makeup hacks? 

Use a tubing formula mascara if you tend to get smudging under your eyes. MCO Beauty and MAC make a great one. Also, I find lash primers before mascara make a huge difference in length and volume! I love the MAC one.

Also, kind of a different hack, but these days, it really isn’t necessary to buy makeup full price; drugstore or high end! Everything seems to come on sale somewhere, so keep an eye out and save yourself some money!

Do you have any content creation tips that you’d like to share? 

Yes! I take pics with my iPhone!

You don’t need a fancy camera these days to get a great shot, newer iPhones can take great photos. I then edit my pictures in an app called Snapseed, which is free, and lets me adjust the brightness and saturation. 

Also, take pics that inspire you! I find it’s easy to get stuck in a rut shooting PR content and lose your creativity, so sometimes you need to get back to basics, and post pics that make you feel good, not what you think others might want!

What are you looking forward to next year? 

I will hopefully be renovating a  property as an investment, and hopefully I will be able to do some travelling again too!

Where can we find you on social media? You can find me at @wellnessbykels 👍

Thanks for reading the final interview of the year, see you back here next week with a new blog post!

With love,

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