$50 Makeup Challenge

Hello everyone!

I’ve been seeing a $50 makeup challenge go around lately and I wanted to give it a try! I will only be choosing products that I would actually use on a regular basis, e.g. foundation, setting powder etc.

Let’s get started!


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterpro $7

I’ve heard many great reviews about this, and I haven’t tried an Essence mascara since I was in high school! For $7, I don’t think I could fault it that much though!

Savvy Brow Liner – $7

My favourite brow pencil at the moment, I have been using this for probably six months now…I’m onto my second one and I have no complaints. It works well and this price is great too!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner – $10

I love my liquid liners and this sounds promising because it’s micro. I haven’t tried many mascaras and eyeliners from Rimmel before, but I have one unopened eyeliner from them – will let you know my thoughts once I open it!


Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation$7

I have previously tried this and it’s not too bad. It’s so hard to find an affordable foundation that has a decent shade range!

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Transparent – $10

Another product I’ve previously tried, it wasn’t too bad. It was one of my first translucent powders. It’s pressed so I thought it would be easier to use, but unfortunately it kind of broke/cracked towards the end 😦 Still great for the price though!

Savvy Classic Blush – $5.99

I have heard many good reviews about these blushes, and I am yet to try! They are so affordable and come in six colours.

W7 Glowcomotion Compact – $5

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll know I love this stuff. The best thing ever!


Savvy Nourishing Lip Liner – $4.99

Another fave of mine, can’t beat it, can’t fault it. If you haven’t tried already, you must! Sometimes they are on promotion at 3 for 2! Such a steal, would repurchase them over and over.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss$4

I tried an Essence gloss long ago and it wasn’t too bad! It was so hard finding an affordable lip colour or gloss that didn’t break the $50 budget. I settled on this, because

  1. I love a good clear gloss
  2. It’s only $4!!

So we’ve come to the end and our total is…$60.98! I was very close!! It definitely is quite hard to create a full face on a budget! I think this could be quite achievable if you were to buy everything from an affordable brand such as Essence or Makeup Revolution, but I do love to mix up my brands a bit because some things don’t work well for me, whereas others work out great!

That’s the end of this post, I would love to know what are some things you would purchase on a $50 budget!

See you again next week!

With love,

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