August Favourites

Hello and welcome to my August Favourites!

I can’t believe the month is almost over, just like that! This month I have been revisiting some old faves that you might have noticed. It’s been a busy yet chill month. I haven’t been going out too much, and at work I wear a mask again so there aren’t many opportunities for me to wear makeup.

Innisfree Green Barley Peeling Toner

I spoke about this in last weeks blog post, but to recap I have been loving this toner as a gentle exfoliant. It has worked wonders for my hormonal break outs, by exfoliating the dead skin cells on it. Would recommend this if you’re after an affordable toner that gently exfoliates.

Du’it Tough Hands*

Another item I have previously mentioned on my blog and on my IG. I love it sooo much and sad to see it go. I have just a bit left now because I have been using this religiously, it’s so good. It has helped repair my dry and flaky fingers and I would recommend if you’re someone who uses their hands a lot in their work, which has affected the skin on your hands, or if you have dry hands/a compromised skin barrier like me.

Too Faced Peach Perfect

My forever love, the best high end setting powder I have ever used. I am close to finishing this as well. This keeps my makeup in place and has been helpful in keeping my makeup matte for my long shifts. Smells like heaven and it’s such a large size. The only down side is that they’ve raised the price since I last purchased it. But I would still recommend it and repurchase it! I do have a Fenty Powder tucked away somewhere, and I will be pulling that out once this is finished!

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Do I even need to repeat myself? Love this, my second bottle and would repurchase next winter because it helps with my skin so much in the drier seasons.

Loreal True Match Concealer in 2N Vanilla

Picked this up blindly because I couldn’t swatch it, and it works well in carving my brows out. Yes, I have started doing that again, because it’s pretty much the only makeup I can do with a mask on haha. Plus I always get compliments on my brows so guess I gotta keep this brow routine up. The colour blends perfectly with my foundation/BB cream and helps highlight my brow bone area. Love it and will probably get it again when it’s finished!

Bourjois Healthy Mix BB Cream

I have added this into my favourites again because I have started using it at work again. I know you’re probably thinking “didn’t she just say she doesn’t wear makeup at work because she wears a mask” and you’re right. I don’t wear a full face per se, I put this BB cream on to even my complexion for when I’m out before and after work. Obviously the mask makes it rub off in the day, but it’s for me you know? Sometimes a girl wants to have an even complexion and hide her redness and scarring a little bit better. Also I am trying to finish this up, I have a tad left.

I mentioned on my IG a while back that I’ve been using the new Natio foundation. It’s great but with all the oils in the product, I find it slides off on my glasses real easy which is awkward and annoying because then you can see the difference between my real skin and my foundation shade haha (my face is so pale, but my neck is quite warm so it’s a bit weird, I know). I did set it a lot one day, but I feel like, why put that effort into wearing a full coverage foundation when I’m wearing a mask, so BB cream came to the rescue.

Cosrx Pimple Patches

Yep, this again! I love it and I won’t say anymore than that haha.

Savvy Brow Liner

I recently opened a fresh one and don’t you love that fresh product look and feel? Everything is smooth and clean, the product is in its original shape. The best and cheapest brow pencil you will ever use! I don’t know if my local Priceline still stocks this because there weren’t many the last time I bought it. Get on it if you see this at your local! A repurchase for as long as I can see it in stores!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in 110 Spice*

I received as courtesy of Rimmel and Beauty Crew, I didn’t get to choose the colour but I love it regardless. It’s in my favourite lip colour shades and suits me so well. Looks like they’re redoing the Rimmel lip liners, or coming out with new ones? Either way, colour me impressed. Will probably purchase more once they come out and I finish my current one! Lip liners are such a game changer, I don’t know why I stopped using them. But yeah, you’re right, also the whole mask thing means I can’t wear lip products, but it’s all good, there will be another time!

Those are my favourites of this month, as you can tell, I wasn’t lying when I said I would be revisiting some old faves.

What have you been enjoying this month?

Until next time!

With love,

*An asterisk on a product denotes a PR sample or a gratis item. There is no obligation to post about these products.

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