May Favourites

Hello everyone!

We’re at the end of the month and my uni break is almost over! Today I wanted to bring you a classic favourites post, I wish I did them more often, but I just forget to TBH. Anyways, we’ve got a mix of skincare and makeup in today’s post, and a few classic features!


Bourjois BB Cream

I got this from Priceline in their half price sale, it’s normally $25 which for me isn’t a totally ideal price, I mean considering that it’s drugstore. I find it so hard to match my skin to a foundation, it’s never the right colour so I was surprised to see that this BB cream worked well for me! It helps even out my skin tone and covers some blemishes, but not entirely of course. I wear the shade 02/medium and yeah, I’m loving it. It’s pretty runny – the formula, but I love it for no makeup makeup days. Ever since I was in highschool, I really struggled with acne and I didn’t exactly know how to cover it because I got into makeup late. My skin has healed sooo much since my teens and I just love this BB cream because when I had bad skin a few years ago, I would just wear foundation and not even consider something like this, because it didn’t cover it well. Now a days, I love letting my skin breathe and I’d wear this to work when I’m not bothered to do a full face. Also on a side note, it’s a shame to see drugstore BB creams have such little shade range. I searched far and wide for a good BB cream, constantly swatching and trying to match up, but most of the shades were light/beige which is pretty disappointing. Would love to see more tone diversity in drugstore makeup!

Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder

If you follow me on IG you’d know that I love this setting powder, I’ve been using it for a year now, and it will last you ages. Smells amazing and works so well. It’s a shame that Mecca has raised the prices of it because I got it in 2019 for $49, and now it’s $53. Still pretty good considering most high end setting powders, though I wish Australians didn’t have to constantly cop a price increase.

Revlon Glow Lip Oil – Bouncy Beige

A great addition to my lip product collection. I have 3 of the shades and gifted the last shade to a friend. I didn’t like this at first, but I love it now haha. I pair it with the Savvy lip liner in currant – best nude lip! Doesn’t last that long per se because it’s an oil, but you can easily reapply and there’s no drama! Love it and can’t stop recommending it!


Youth to the People Overnight Mask

I got this in a Sephoras Favourites box and it’s quite nice! I love the ingredients and vibrant colour. It’s a pretty good overnight mask, I wake up with softer skin and I haven’t had any reactions to it or anything. Tick and tick! I definitely want to try more from the brand, I keep hearing and seeing such raving reviews from their products so I defs need to check it out.

The Chemistry Brand Hand Chemistry

I got this for half price at Priceline! Such a bargain and I’ve wanted to purchase this forever! It smells so nice and it’s a really unique hand cream. I haven’t tried anything from the brand before, but I’ve heard good things as well. Anyways, this hand cream is so lightweight and isn’t greasy, it smoothes my hands so well and I just keep it in a drawer on my desk, for whenever I need! Invest in a good hand cream and you’ll thank yourself in the future!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

We all know this one, I got mine from Sephora and it’s the Berry flavour. I stopped using this for a while, but last month/this month I’ve been really going at it. Sometimes my lips just get randomly dry to the point that lip balm is just not cutting it. I pop this on and I wake up and everything is fine again! I’ve pretty much finished it now, it took some time, but I got there!

That’s it for my favourites this month, what were some of your favourites from this month?

See you back here next week!

With love,

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