How To Reduce Beauty Wastage

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another blog post, today I wanted to talk all about reducing your beauty wastage. What I mean by this is trying to minimise the impact your beauty usage/products may have on the environment!

Starting off with…

Cotton pads

We all use them! For toner, taking off makeup, the list goes on. Cotton pads generally can’t be reused and a lot of it just goes towards the trash. Try replacing them with reusable cotton pads. These can be reused (duh), just wash them and they’re good to go again. They last longer than the average cotton pad too, as long as you take care of them.

Makeup wipes

Another product with a big impact on the environment! Single use makeup wipes aren’t biodegradable, even though some brands have come out with some biodegradable versions but you might as well invest in a reusable makeup cloth. There are a few I’ve tried at varying price points, The Face Halo, Tribe Makeup Removal Mitt (see my comparison of the two here) and Swipies*. All three are great and there are many alternatives on the market at great price points as well!

Shampoo (& conditioner!)

We all use shampoo and conditioner, buying those big (or sometimes small) bottles from our supermarkets, pharmacies, hair salons, online etc. They all contribute to waste, a majority on the market are made from plastic and therefore can’t be recycled. Try opting for shampoo bars! I tried some from Shampoo With A Purpose*, read my review here. There are a few other brands on the market such as Ethique, that offer a similar product.

Face wash

Something we all use (hopefully we all do), they mostly come in bottles which we can recycle, but other times we might not be able to. There a few brands that do cleansing bars. The waste from these products tend to be very minimal, it’s just the cardboard/material the bar is wrapped in – this is the same case for the shampoo bars. The outer packaging is recyclable, so there is very little waste here! Some brands that do cleansing bars are Sassou*, Some By Mi, Cetaphil, Clinique, and more.

The Ordinary

A brand we’ve all heard of, most of us have used their products, but what do we do with the bottles one we’ve finished the product? Because they’re glass, you’re able to repurpose them! Get creative with it, because these people sure have!

Brush cleaner

Most of us use some solution to wash our brushes, the most popular one being the Daiso puff and brush cleaner. Other solutions from Ecotools or Revlon are also common. I’ve found that using a bar of soap is most effective at cleaning my brushes. You can read about how I clean my brushes here.

That’s all I have for this week, I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to reduce beauty waste and I hope this blog post helped you reconsider the effect your beauty addiction has on the environment.

If you have any tips on how to reduce beauty waste, feel free to leave them below!

Have a great week!

With love,

*This post features PR gifted products (denoted with a *), I am not being paid to mention them, all opinions are my own.

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