Meet me Mondays with Zorica – @beautycoaching101

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve been keeping well at these times. A new month is upon us which means a new interview! Today I am interviewing Zorica of @beautycoaching101, the go-to gal for beauty tips!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Zorica I’m 31 years old based in Sydney, my hobbies include hoarding skincare and spending time in my beauty room creating make up looks for my lovely followers.

What inspired you to start your IG?

I’ve always been into beauty, as a teenager I would always research beauty finds trial them and share my experiences with my friends and family. They actually encouraged me to start a blog to share my experiences with a wider audience.

If you were deserted on an island, what three things would you take with you? 

Oh gosh! This is a difficult one!

 • SPF first and foremost- Mecca Cosmetica to save face 50+ sunscreen

• Lip balm – Lanolips 30+ balm tint in the shade Rhubarb

• Jergens Age Defining body moisturiser for that dry skin relief.

Top three beauty products at the moment?

This will be a random mix of things!
I’m loving the Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara, it comes in a chic metal tube which means I get a longer use out of the product but it also perfectly volumises and lengthens my eyelashes. 

I recently purchased the skinceuticals retinol 1.0 cream and I’m loving the results. At the moment I only use it once a week to build up my tolerance but I’m finding it’s more gentle on my skin in comparison to the drunk elephant a-passioni. I’m not noticing my skin peeling or reacting, and after a few days my skin is still brightened and beautiful.

I’m loving the me in a minute bio cellulose sheet masks, for a perfect self pampering moment and to boost hydration back into my skin especially after using actives in my skincare routine.

Do you have any skincare hacks you’d like to share with us?

Once you use a sheet mask, don’t discard the packaging right away.

They often contain loads of serum which you should apply on your décolletage and arms, legs and all over the rest of your body. 

For a flawless makeup finish I always recommend using a wet makeup sponge, I love using juno and co microfibre sponge as it doesn’t soak up your liquid products and gives a beautiful finish to your makeup.

Over applied powder foundation products? Easy fix! Apply a spritz or two of a setting spray to reinvigorate the look. I love using Mac cosmetics Fix + spray.

Any dream collabs?

I would to collab with antipodes, I love their products so much. I also would like to collab with andalou naturals, I truely believe in their product range they are just amazing!

What’s your favourite beauty brand?

As that little kid in daddy day care said “ya killing me” lol 😆 This one is so hard to answer.
I’ll do one for makeup, hair and skincare.
💓Makeup first – I would have to say L’Oréal Paris because they have such an amazing collection, which is affordable and easy to use. I personally love the infallible matte 24 hour foundation.
💓Haircare – John Frida hair products have never failed me over the years, they are high quality and affordable. I use their de-frizz serum to tame my flyaways.
💓Skincare – Andalou Naturals, the reason for this is my all time favourite mask is from this brand. I analyse the ingredients of their formulations and they really are natural! 
My favourite mask of all time is the pumpkin honey brightening glycolic mask.

What was one of your first makeup products?

It would have been a Revlon product…I think a foundation from memory. It would have been the colourstay foundation which was my go-to foundation for many years! I even told my makeup artist for my own wedding to use that foundation. 

What are you looking forward to this year?

I look forward to a healthy and safe year for all my family and friends 🙏

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram via the handle beautycoaching101

Check out my Instagram where I talk skincare, makeup and beauty finds! And I do the occasional makeup tutorial 💓

That’s all for this week guys! Have a great week x

With love,

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