Meet me Mondays with Caryl – @thecaryledit

New month, new interview!

Welcome back to another Meet me Monday everyone, and happy July!

Today I’ll be interviewing someone I’ve been following for quite some time on IG – Caryl of @thecaryledit she always has nice photos and her reviews on her blog are super helpful as well. Read on to find out more!

Tell us about yourself

I’m Caryl (pronounced Cah-real), I’m in my late 30’s from Sydney, Australia. I am married with 2 cute boys. I enjoy writing and reading contemporary romance novels, and sleeping in whenever I can!

What’s your favourite social media app?

I don’t really have a favourite, but I do use Instagram mainly to catch up with family and friends, but also to promote my beauty blog.

I know you’re constantly reviewing a bunch of products, what are you trialling at the moment?

I do receive new skincare products every couple of weeks so I wish I could try them all. I only have one face so it’s impossible to try everything given that the skin takes longer to allow products to work.

Currently, I am in the middle of testing out a lot of new products this season, but here are some I will mention:

  • The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser* (works well to remove eye and face makeup without stinging the eyes and also great general cleanser),
  • Aus Medic Co. Intensive Peptide Face Lift Serum* (great for texture skin, fine lines, wrinkles and minimise appearance of pores)
  • Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream (excellent for dry/dehydrated skins).


Do you have any secret talents?

I can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure I don’t have any secret talents.

Raising two young children must mean you’re a very busy mum, but what’s the most rewarding thing about parenthood?

For me, it’s hard to pinpoint just one rewarding thing about parenthood, but seeing them smiling, as well as the short conversations I have with my boys. The things they say and tell me are both funny and interesting. Watching them come up with really random things and how they see the world from their eyes.

What are some products on your wish list right now?

I need a new laptop, but this isn’t something I really need right now. I could do with some new gym tights, I’ve been working out and losing weight. I also need more face sheet masks, you can never have too many of those. I tend to just go to the store to pick up what I need when I need it, except for the laptop which is the only thing that is still on my wish list!

What’s your number one beauty hack for winter?

It depends on your skin type, but for me, this is the time I experience dry and dehydrated skin. What I learnt this season, I need a lot of hydration and with the flu season this tends to dry my skin out as well. So I have been face sheet masking every day and I found this has helped on top off doing my usual skincare routine is to add this step. It has made such a difference to my skin now then I remember last winter. (I don’t think that was a hack! lol).

A beauty hack could be soaking your makeup rounds in the essence/face serum and treat it like a face mask. You could easily pick up dry face sheet masks from Daiso and soak it up with essence (face product) or your favourite facial serum and create your own face sheet masks at home.

Are there any beauty trends you’re not a fan of?

I don’t really follow beauty trends and tend to stick to what I know, but these are some things I’ve noticed this year and may have also been trends in the past that I’m not a fan of:

  • Fake Freckles
  • Baby Bangs (super short fringe)
  • Sun Stick (Korean sunscreen in deodorant form)
  • At-Home Microneedling

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

The only person I would have loved to have meet would have been my grand dad (mum’s dad). My mum told me that he was a famous barber in his home town in the Philippines. I don’t remember meeting him because he passed away when I was really young. His life seemed interesting and I’d like to learn and know more about him.

And where can we find you on social media?


Thank you for reading this months interview, I hope you all enjoyed learning about Caryl because I know I did! A new one will be up next month so stay tuned!

Hope you have a lovely week my friends!

With love,

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