Hi everyone!

As mentioned on my IG, there won’t be any new blog posts for the next four weeks. I’m coming towards the end of the term which means assignments and exams and I’m finding it a bit hard to balance between blogging and studying.

There will be a new blog post on May 13th (Monday as usual), but there won’t be an interview next month because I haven’t had the time to prepare one. However, I’m hoping to continue the interviews for the month after!

I start uni again in June so my blogging schedule may change in the future – will keep you guys posted! There’s just a lot going on right now with work, uni and my social life so I’m just doing my best to balance everything and still have time for myself. Hope you can all understand and I will see you next month!

I will remain somewhat active on my IG, so give me a follow over there if you’re interested in seeing my latest photos and what not.

Have a great week and I’ll see you soon!

With love,

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