Where I Buy K-Beauty Products

Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it’s February already? Hope you’re all having a great 2019 so far. Today I’ll be showing you all where I buy my Korean beauty products from.  I’m a big fan of their products due to the cost, differences to Western beauty products and because of the ingredients.

Photo 12-1-19, 2 46 06 pm.jpg

I used to buy a lot from overseas, but since then I’ve resorted to buying locally within Australia to support the small businesses.

  • Aphrodite and Hebe
  • April & Ko
  • Boniik Beauty
  • Brighter Beauty
  • iHerb
  • K Cosmetix
  • Sephora
  • Pinky Blue
  • The Face Shop

I’ve purchased items from all of these shops and they all provide me with a wide range of K-Beauty products to choose from!

Aphrodite and Hebe:

The first time I purchased from A&H was sometime last year, when I needed to stock up on some K-Beauty and I came across their website. It was the weekend that they had promotions for their birthday.

Oh, I remember now! I came across them in a K-Beauty Facebook group I’m in and to my surprise they were based in the same city as me!

They have:

  • A wide range of products
  • Free shipping nationwide for purchases over $25AUD
  • Plenty of samples
  • Affordable prices
  • Great service

I’ve now purchased from them twice and I haven’t been disappointed at all. They also participate in internet sales periods – e.g. Black Friday etc. Highly recommend checking out their website!

You can check out one of my hauls here.

April & Ko*:

I first came across A&K from IG I think? Just last year when they were starting out I found their page and I actually even did an assignment on them haha. I’ve also worked with Katrina (the owner) a few times and you can check those out here and here.

Besides working with them, I’ve purchased from them I think twice(?) now as well!

  • Great service
  • Fast shipping
  • Good samples
  • Expanding range of products (I swear they keep curating more and more products!)

There is free shipping in AUS for orders over $70 AND there’s a discount code if you’re subscribed to their emails. Not to mention they have discount codes periodically and lots of sales 🙂

Boniik Beauty*:

I have worked with this company before and attended an event last year. It was my first event and I was super nervous and shy. I also came straight from uni to attend the event so I was a bit of a mess haha.

After the event I purchased something from them – the Cosrx sunscreen. If you’re interested in reading about some of the products I received from them, click here.

I haven’t bought from them online so I can’t give the same comments as above but I will give comments on my in store experience:

  • Helpful and friendly staff – super knowledgeable
  • Bright store (I attended the Westfield store, but they’ve also opened a store in World Square – haven’t purchased from, but I’ve walked past)
  • Lots of testers available
  • Wide range of products

Online they give you a discount when you sign up and if you spend over $70 you are eligible for free shipping 🙂

Brighter Beauty:

I also came across this from IG and I’ve purchased from them once or twice, I think just once. There was a fault with my order and they quickly rectified it, I was impressed!

You can see my haul here. They have:

  • Free shipping for purchases over $65AUD
  • Fast shipping
  • Great product range
  • Discount codes
  • Period sales
  • Good samples

I would definitely repurchase from them in the future (at the moment I’m all stocked up on my skincare). They used to sell sheet masks exclusively and now they’ve expanded and sell other products too. I reckon they have the widest range of sheet masks I’ve seen.


I used to purchase off iHerb a lot, back when I was getting in K-Beauty. I haven’t ordered from them in a while since Australia added that GST.

What I like about iHerb is:

  • Fast shipping – it always came to me in about 4 days
  • Good range of products – they stock soo many different products
  • Discounts & sales

I would probably repurchase from iHerb in the future, but just not at the moment because I’m pretty topped up on my skincare.

K Cosmetix*:

I came across K-Cosmetix when I collaborated with the brand.

  • They sell makeup AND skincare
  • Have discount codes
  • Sales
  • Helpful staff that provide good service
  • Spend $70AUD for free shipping

I haven’t bought from their site just yet, because I don’t need anything but definitely will in the future!

You can check out my haul here.


You should all be familiar with Sephora, they sell makeup and skincare + hair care and other beauty accessories. I’ll keep this one short:

  • Periodic sales
  • Discounts for uni students
  • Select one sample per order

They have a pretty small range of Korean products because it’s not their primary product. They stock brands like:

  • Laneige
  • Dr Jart
  • Blithe

I’ve bought some Laneige and Dr Jart products from them before. I wouldn’t say shipping is as fast as most of these other places, mainly because they are a larger business so they’d have more orders.

Pinky Blue:

I came across Pinky Blue from a quick google search when I was looking for a product.

  • Spend $70AUD for free shipping
  • Good range of products – not the biggest range, but enough to satisfy your K-Beauty needs
  • Good customer service
  • Free samples

My package came in like a few days, it wasn’t as fast as some of the other businesses I’ve listed because they’re based in a different state so postage would be slower.

They have some products that I couldn’t find in other sites so that’s working towards their advantage!

You can check out my haul here.

The Face Shop*:

I’ve known The Face Shop for so long as they have stores in the CBD that I used to frequent when I was in high school. They don’t have an online store but you can purchase some of their products from Boniik – their sister store. You can find some of my reviews/hauls here.

They have:

  • Cheap sheet masks
  • A wide range of products
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Makeup, skincare, hair care and beauty accessories as well

I haven’t shopped there in a while, mainly because I get my stuff online nowadays but sometimes I still wander in when I’m in the city.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post, I hope you all got to learn a bit more about these businesses! I would love to see your hauls if you choose to purchase from them – just tag me on IG!

With love,


* – Those marked with an asterisk are companies that I have worked with.

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