Black Friday Haul 2018

Hello everyone!

As promised, here’s my Black Friday haul for this year! You can check out my small Black Friday haul from last year here. My last package took a bit longer to come due to the weather etc. hence the later blog post. I didn’t buy a lot this year – well, I expected to buy more but things were sold out so I saved my money haha.

I wanted to get a few Laneige products from Sephora but they were sold out 😦 I also wanted to get one of the DE kits from Mecca, but as it’s limited edition and sold out, they told me that they weren’t restocking it 😦

I bought a few pairs of pants from The Iconic but I ended up returning them because it didn’t fit me very well. I also got a pair of work pants, which you can check out here.

Photo 5-12-18, 3 20 26 pm

This year I bought from:

  • Priceline
  • Tribe Skincare
  • Pinky Blue



From Priceline, I got a few things from the 50% off cosmetics sale:

  • Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30 – Rhubarb
  • Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Polish Remover
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – 740 Clear
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – 703 White Hot Love

Photo 29-11-18, 9 44 20 pm.jpg


Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30 – Rhubarb

I had always wanted to try Lanolips after hearing all the good reviews about it, but I couldn’t justify spending $14+ on something like that. Luckily this was included in the sale! Mecca and Sephora also stocks Lanolips but they don’t get discounted (only sometimes from Sephora, and basically never from Mecca). Mecca has a few holiday gift sets, but it worked out cheaper if I just bought it from Priceline for half price.

I wanted to try the fruit ones but they were sold out, so I opted for a tinted one – in Rhubarb. I’m normally not a fan of tinted lip balms, based on past experiences anyways.

I’m currently holding off on opening this because I have a few lip balms that are already opened at the moment. I will update you all on my thoughts once I get some use from it, but I have high expectations so I hope it doesn’t let me down!




Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Polish Remover

This is actually the second nail polish remover I have ever bought! I don’t do my nails very often, I used to when I was a junior in high school but I don’t now. I picked this up because I thought about doing my nails again (hence me buying the nail polish as well).

This is very effective and I like that it’s acetone-free. It’s very gentle as well and I highly recommend it!

They also have a version with acetone in it if anyone is interested.



Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – 740 Clear

So easy to use and probably one of the best nail polishes I’ve used in a while.

When I was younger I got heaps of nail polishes as gifts from friends and well, I decluttered them recently.

I’m really enjoying this as a top coat or by itself as it gives your nails a bit of shine.



Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – 703 White Hot Love

This was very cheap at half price and since it’s small it’s more suited for me since I won’t be using it very often. It definitely lives up to it’s name! It dries very fast and it lasts a few days – with extra coats and a top coat.

I’m really impressed with the quality of this as well.




From Tribe, I got the trial kit which consists of:

  • Clean Me! Balm Cleanser
  • Scrub Me! Exfoliant
  • Protect Me! Day Moisturiser with SPF15
  • Hydrate Me! Night Moisturiser

Photo 29-11-18, 9 47 29 pm.jpg

I will post my review of the products next month so keep an eye out for that!





From Pinky Blue, I got two things for my mum and to make up the rest of the amount for free shipping, I got some new products to try:

  • Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack – for my mum, review for this here
  • Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask – Lotus
  • Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask – Pearl
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Tomato
  • Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule
  • Heimish Refresh Water Mini
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Bamboo
  • Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Royal Jelly



Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Mask – Lotus

I’ve previously tried a bunch of other Etude House masks from this range, you can check out what I’ve tried here.

Lotus is known for it’s soothing and purifying properties and the lotus flower extract makes skin look clear and moisturised, whilst also soothing and comforting the skin by relieving the skin of stress.




Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask – Pearl

I wasn’t aware that Missha made sheet masks! They had a few on their website, but I chose the pearl one because it seemed more suitable for my skin. It claims to brighten dull skin.

I’m surprised that the back (directions etc.) are written in Japanese, English AND Spanish. The front however has a bit of Korean as well. I just didn’t expect it to have all these languages, especially not Spanish haha.




Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Tomato

I’ve never seen these Nature Republic sheet masks either so I had to pick a few up! I got the tomato one because it is perfect for my skin type/concerns.

I really like the packaging of them because it just seems so real! On the back there’s Korean and English but there’s more Korean than English in explaining the ‘science behind the mask’.

Tomato extract is known to hydrate and brighten the skin.



Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule

I love Cosrx and I have tried a few things from the brand, but I’m finally trying their propolis ampule! I am so excited for this because I’ve wanted to try it for so long as well. they have a centella and a whitening ampule as well – those are on my wish list.

If you’re looking for more information about Cosrx products, just search ‘cosrx’ on my blog and a few blog posts should come up.

This is formulated with 80% propolis extract that aims to illuminate the complexion and provides long lasting hydration for a radiant and youthful glow – something my skin definitely needs!

The ingredients in Cosrx products (typically) are very good, they tend to be quite natural and from what I’ve used and seen, most of them don’t have alcohol. Cosrx products are aimed at ‘troubled skin’.

I like the packaging because it has English and Korean, is very simple AND has a picture of the ampule. Only thing I’m a bit disappointed in is that it’s quite small – 20ml. Most serums/essences/ampules I’ve tried are mostly 30ml+.

Will definitely do a review on this if it’s requested 🙂

I’m currently using some rose hip oil, so I won’t open this yet but once that’s finished I’ll use this. The rose hip oil is already half way and it’s been a month ish.



Heimish Refresh Water Mini

I’m trying to finish one toner ATM and I wanted to get a bigger sized one (500ml) but Pinky Blue didn’t stock it so I opted for this one. I’ve always been curious about Heimish products after hearing about all the hype online.

I love the packaging and the look of the product as well. The bottle itself is very simple and as it’s a mini, it’s travel friendly and looks cute haha.

It’s packed full of great and natural ingredients and it clears all the dirt and old keratin from the skin whilst boosting the effectiveness of other skin care products applied after.

It works similar to the beauty water by Son & Park because it’s an exfoliating toner/water. It has AHA and BHA in it – which I love.




Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Bamboo

I’ve never tried a bamboo mask before but it helps to reinforce the skin’s moisture balance.

I’m a bit disappointed to see alcohol listed within the ingredients but it mustn’t be a whole lot since it’s listed in the second row.

Will keep you all updated in my ’empties part 2′ Instagram highlight.



Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet – Royal Jelly

Last but not least, this royal jelly sheet mask. I haven’t tried many royal jelly masks, this is probably my first. Royal jelly is known to provide nourishment and help to reduce wrinkles –  not my prime concern at the moment though haha.


That’s all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed seeing my Black Friday haul. I would love to see what and where you purchased from!


A new blog post will be up next week as usual, have a great week!


With love,



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