Black Friday Haul 2017

Hello beauties!

As you all know, Black Friday was just a few weeks ago and like most people, I picked up a few things. I bought

Photo 3-12-17, 1 43 13 pm

This was the first time I’ve ever shopped for Black Friday sales, as I’ve never been much of an online shopper – I’m still not, but if I can only get something online, then obviously I will shop for it online! And who doesn’t love a good sale! I’ve wanted 3/4 of these products, but luckily I saw them on sale and purchased them during Black Friday.


Urban Hardware Bangle (Silver) – The Peach Box:

Photo 3-12-17, 1 43 24 pm

I had wanted a bangle like this for the past month or so, and was looking everywhere for one. I had checked Pandora but they didn’t stock what I was after. Thank goodness, I remembered The Peach Box.

After scrolling through their website, I found this gem! I was about to purchase it, only to find that I was $5 off from free shipping. I didn’t want anything else from their website and didn’t want to pay extra for shipping – online shopping feels! I asked my friend if she wanted to buy anything from the site, and she did! I was about to buy them, but then I stumbled upon notice of their sale for Black Friday, where everything was going to be 30% off! I was thrilled, what perfect timing.

Photo 3-12-17, 1 43 39 pm

So I waited until Friday to purchase. I had my last uni exam for the semester on Friday, so this would’ve been like the cherry on top of the cake. I bought a bangle for myself, and one for my friend and we made the shipping, yay!

Photo 3-12-17, 1 47 10 pm

It took 5 days (2 days fell on a weekend) to arrive and I was so pleased with the design and packaging of the products.

Photo 3-12-17, 1 47 27 pm

I wear it everyday!


Original RRP – $45

Black Friday price – $31.50 (30% off)

Total savings – $13.50


Alpha H x Sephora Six Piece Kit – Sephora:

I had wanted this kit since October and was going to purchase it for my birthday, where I could’ve got it for $10 cheaper with my birthday voucher. To my dismay, it was sold out online and I couldn’t find it at my local Sephora. I was pretty disappointed.

Photo 3-12-17, 1 48 08 pm

Of course it finally restocked online, but it was mid-November by then.

When I heard about Sephora’s 15% off storewide Black Friday sales, I knew it was my chance to grab it! And so I did…at 12am on Friday haha.

Photo 3-12-17, 1 50 07 pm

At first, I just wanted this for the Liquid Gold because I needed a new one. The one inside the kit was the 50ml one, which already costs $30 alone. Considering the kit was priced at $70, and I grabbed it with 15% off, made it really worth it!

Photo 3-12-17, 1 50 20 pm


Inside the kit, there are these 6 products:

  • Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera 30ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 54 00 pm

  • Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30 30ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 54 13 pm

  • Micro Cleanse Super Scrub With Glycolic Acid and Peppermint 30ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 53 42 pm

  • Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask With Lavender 30ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 51 11 pm

  • Liquid Gold With Glycolic Acid 50ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 52 13 pm

  • Moisture Boosting Facial Spray 30ml

Photo 3-12-17, 1 51 37 pm

Detailed review of these products coming in January 2018, stay tuned!


Original RRP – $70

Black Friday price – $59.50 (15% off)

Total savings – $10.50


Forcast Louise Super Slim Pants – The Iconic (Not pictured):

I needed to buy some black pants and I also needed to make up $50, so I could get free shipping. I picked up these pants and they were a perfect match!

I had never online shopped for clothes before, so this was a bit daunting for me when it came to sizing. Thank god The Iconic had a size estimator, which asked questions about your height/weight and all your other measurements. They recommended a size 10 (in general, I am a size 8 or 10). I bought it and hoped for the best.

When they arrived, I tried them on and they matched so well! They sat comfortably around my waist and didn’t feel too tight or anything.

This was my first time shopping with The Iconic as well, and they have great service!


Original RRP – $39

Black Friday price – $27.30 (30% off)

Total savings – $11.70
Vans Classic Crew 3-Pack Socks – The Iconic  (Not pictured):

I had wanted these socks for so long, because they’d match with my Vans. I planned on getting them the Black Friday weekend, but I found them on The Iconic for sale, so I took my chance!

They’re a 3 pack so I can justify the price. They’re also super comfy and arrived at the same time as the pants.


Original RRP – $19.95

Black Friday price – $13.96 (30% off)

Total savings – $5.99



Even though my haul is quite small, I got everything I needed, and at a discounted price too which is amazing!

Original RRP of all items – $173.95

Black Friday price of all items – $132.26

Total savings – $41.69

The most expensive item was the Alpha H x Sephora Kit, but if I bought it on my birthday I would’ve got it for $60, and by getting it during the Black Friday Sales, I saved 50c haha. If Sephora had like 30% off for Black Friday, I definitely would’ve saved more. But I’m not complaining about what I picked up, because I know I’ll definitely be using these items!


What did you pick up from the Black Friday Sales? Or did you pass?


Until next time,


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