Mecca Maxima and The Face Shop Haul

Hello lovely people!

I feel like my blogging game has been on point lately. I’ve managed to put out a lot of posts this month and I’m proud of that. However, the consistency may fade a little as we head into next month, because I will have exams šŸ˜¦ Hope you can understand!

Today I wanted to show you my Mecca and The Face Shop haul from a few weeks back (11/10/17). I decided to purchase a few things off my wish list (here if you missed it) and of course, I ended up buying more than intended haha. I wanted to get the Mizon essence but it was sold out, so I opted to get a few masks instead.

Photo 12-10-17, 1 53 40 pm


Mecca Maxima:

So from Mecca Maxima I bought:


16 Brand Juicy Toks Mask Pack Peach Apple

Photo 12-10-17, 1 57 04 pm

I loveee the packaging of these masks and I couldn’t resist at $2AUD per mask! What a steal! I almost bought everyone in the range, the only one I didn’t buy was the kelp one because I thought ten masks would do me for the day haha.

This mask claims to provide peeling care and clear your skin.

I’ll be honest, I’m very lazy with face masks (sheet ones anyways) and rarely use them, but after purchasing so many I’ll definitely be giving these a go soon! And for those interested, I’ll be doing a review of some of these in a few weeks time!


16 Brand Garden Toks Mask Pack Peppermint Tea

Photo 12-10-17, 1 57 17 pm.jpg

For peppermint tea, I would’ve thought they’d go with green coloured packaging! I wish I could smell these masks through the packaging because they seem so enticing.

This mask claims to vitalise fatigued skin with full energy.


16 Brand Ocean Toks Mask Pack Spirulina

Photo 12-10-17, 1 57 48 pm.jpg

Spirulina has definitely been a big thing as a super food trend in recent years. Honestly, it was a toss up between kelp and spirulina and spirulina won.

This mask claims to intensively nourish skin.


16 Brand Garden Toks Mask Pack Sage Tea

Photo 12-10-17, 1 57 59 pm.jpg

I’ve never heard of sage tea before, so I thought I’d give this one a go. There are a lot of masks that have tea as their main ingredient. E.g. white tea, blueberry tea, etc.

This mask claims to protect your skin from the external environment.


16 Brand Juicy Mask Pack Strawberry Banana

Photo 12-10-17, 1 58 11 pm.jpg

I hope this is as delicious as it sounds! It reminded me of a smoothie so I picked this one up. Plus how pretty is the pink!

This mask claims to soften rough skin texture.


16 BrandĀ Garden Toks Mask Pack – Hibiscus Tea

Photo 12-10-17, 1 58 41 pm.jpg

Another tea related mask – I’ve never tried hibiscus either! I’m not much of a tea fan to be honest but I’m willing to give it a go for masks!

This mask claims to keep your skin healthy.


Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel

Photo 12-10-17, 1 56 43 pm.jpg

I’m sooo excited for this peeling gel! I’ve been meaning to up my skin care routine and this seemed like the perfect thing. I’ll be doing a review on this in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled!

This is so affordable at $15AUD for 120ml (4.05 fl oz.) and a little goes a long way. Basically you put the gel on your face, massage it for a few minutes and your dead skin cells will just start peeling off your face – it’s disgustingly satisfying! Once that’s done, you just wash off with water.


Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Watery Moisture Mask (1 sheet)

Photo 12-10-17, 1 56 55 pm.jpg

Mizon has a bunch of sheet masks that start from $2AUD-$12AUD. This particular mask also comes in a packet of 10 I believe, but I just wanted to pick up one to test out.

I love the packaging of this too! Very suitable design choice considering that it’s a watery moisture mask.

This mask claims to hydrate your dry skin.


That’s all I got from Mecca Maxima, I’ll be back soon with another Mecca haul once I run out of sheet masks haha!


The Face Shop:

I was ready to leave the centre, when I saw The Face Shop and decided to pop in. They had a range of products and I always thought they were quite pricy – I’m not sure why, but I was shocked to see that they were actually really affordable. They had massive cleansers starting from $6AUD and they had the cutest makeup packaging! I didn’t pick any makeup up becauseĀ  I already have so much, but I will once I get through my massive collection šŸ™‚

I purchased:


Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

Photo 12-10-17, 1 55 58 pm.jpg

I’ve been wanting to try some aloe gel because I heard it’s a very good moisturiser and when I saw this I knew I had to get it! They also had a peach moisturiser (gel form) and a milk moisturiser (cream). This aloe gel also came in a tube, same size (300ml) and price ($8AUD) just different packaging. I thought the tub would serve me better because I can fully see whether or not I have finished all the product inside, compared to a tube where I’d had to cut it open to use all the product up. Also because I can resuse the tub to store anything I needed, once the product was finished.

Aloe gel has an abundant of uses, so it’s definitely something you’d want to keep in the family home! I’ll do a full review on this in a few weeks as well.


Real Nature Mung Bean Face Mask

Photo 12-10-17, 1 58 53 pm.jpg

I have oily/acne prone skin and mung bean is really good for helping that skin type. I’ve tried this one before and I liked it so I just repurchased this one.

From the packet:

The pore care mask sheet with mung bean essence purifies and helps tighten pores, leaving skin clean and smooth.


Real Nature White Tea Face Mask

Photo 12-10-17, 1 59 04 pm.jpg

Yes, another tea mask! I love how luxe the packaging looks. Would you believe me if I told you that this was $2AUD as well!

From the packet:

The mask sheet drenched in serum with young white tea leaves brightens and clears skin tone.


Real Nature Rice Face Mask

Photo 12-10-17, 1 57 29 pm

I’ve tried a similar rice mask before and thought I’d just it again. Rice has many beauty uses in Asian culture – such as brightening.

From the packet:

The brightening sheet mask with rice extract softens and brightensĀ rough, darkened skin.


That’s the end of my haul, the total was $43AUD, which isn’t too bad considering I bought 10 masks and 2 big products that’ll last me ages.

Thanks for reading this weeks post, I don’t usually buy a lot of things at once which is why I rarely do haul posts. I hope you enjoyed this one and I’ll see you next time.


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